Gosh Still More 7fold Thinking

January 2014

ABSTRACT: I consider the problem: "How can the mass Consciousness Soul be awakened?" I follow the steps:
1. The "instinctive" Consciousness Soul "should" be manifesting, especially in the English-speaking peoples.
2. But, evidently, this manifestation is not happening.
3. This failure is not natural, but is brought about by deliberate, nefarious means.
4. I "behold" a picture of the Consciousness Soul receiving reverence.
5. I consider that mass reverence might awaken the mass Consciousness Soul.
6. I sense that mass sungazing might induce such mass reverence.
7. I conclude that the practice of mass sungazing might awaken the mass Consciousness Soul, but I am left with the question of how to bring about such a practice in the public.


Herewith I present my latest attempt at "sevenfold thinking". The reader can find my previous attempts here:
-- scroll down to the section on "Wrestling with the Sevenfold Dialectic" and follow the links. I don't intend to repeat here much of what I have already written about the 7fold dialectic, so the reader, if he does not already know of this concept, might wish to read at least the first few essays linked there, to get some idea of what the "7fold dialectic" is. And I do assume that the reader has an understanding of at least the basics of Anthroposophy. If the reader doesn't, he might wish to go to my home page
and then read the "basic books" mentioned there.

But even if the reader not be interested in the 7fold dialectic as such, he still might wish to read the following here. For I do take on a big problem, one that really needs to be solved. And I do think that I have a glimmer on a solution, a possibility that many readers might wish to consider for its own sake.

I write about a socio-political problem from the viewpoint of the USA. That's where I live, so I know about the situation here better than that in most countries. Anyway, the USA seems to be the locus of the main problem itself, for a lot of reasons. And more, like it or not, for better or for worse, the fact is that what happens in the USA affects the whole world, especially in the socio-political realm. The reader can try to apply my comments mutatis mutandis to the situations in other parts of the world.


-- The question I have before me: How can the mass Consciousness Soul be awakened (especially in the USA)?

According to Bondarev, the natural metamorphosis of thinking has an archetypally sevenfold structure (the "sevenfold dialectic"):
1. thesis
2. antithesis
3. synthesis
4. beholding (Anschauen)
5. perception of the Idea
6. individualization of the Idea
7. unity of this individual and the general


The mass Consciousness Soul should be emerging now, especially in the English-speaking countries. Man should stand on his own feet in the socio-political sense. Steiner's fundamental definition of the Consciousness Soul comes from his "basic book" Theosophy:

(NOTE: The English word soul is not an exact equivalent of the German Seele. See Theosophy, Chpt. I.2 for a discussion of what Steiner means by soul. Here Steiner defines *Consciousness Soul in contrast to Sentient Soul and Intellectual Soul. Of course, I am dealing here with English translations of the original German terms, with all the defects that translations entail.)


(Theosophy, I.4)

"By thinking, the human being is led above and beyond his own personal life. . . . . What is recognized as truth by means of thought has an independent significance that refers to the things of the world, and not merely to one's own soul. . . . By grasping the truth, the soul connects itself with something that carries its value in itself. . . . As it is with the true, so is it with the truly good. . . . What the soul carries within itself of the true and the good is immortal in it. Let us call what shines forth in the soul as eternal, the consciousness soul. . . . The consciousness soul is thus distinguished as a member of the soul distinct from the intellectual soul, which is still entangled in the sensations, impulses and passions. . . . The truth is true even if all personal feelings revolt against it. That part of the soul in which this truth lives will be called consciousness soul." (See Appendix 1.)


But in the preceding passage Steiner was speaking of the Consciousness Soul as she develops in the individual human being. When he speaks of the mass Consciousness Soul as she should develop especially in the English- speaking people, it seems to me that he means something slightly different; at least to me the comparison is problematic. For the mass this development is said to be "instinctive", and of course, almost by definition, instincts are unconscious. So, in a sense, this mass Consciousness Soul is the opposite of "conscious". I think that when Steiner speaks of the instinctive tendency to develop the Consciousness Soul he means the gradually emerging inclination for Man to "stand on his own feet" as an individual in the socio- political sense. Here is some of what Steiner says about this:


(Challenge of the Times; Dec. 8, 1918)

". . . . English-speaking peoples . . . . The spiritualized instinct to develop the consciousness soul exists nowhere else in the world as it does among the English people. . . . the striving of the individual person to stand upon his own feet, this is an instinct. . . . Politics are dominated wholly by the instinctive impulse . . . . instincts are always rooted in self-seeking. . . . rooted, and rightly, in the self-seeking and egoism . . . ." (See Appendix 2 for a more complete quotation.)


Please note that Steiner said "English-speaking peoples". He meant to include the USA, and he makes this more explicit elsewhere. But there are special aspects about the USA, which he also discusses elsewhere. A brief example: "Through living in the Consciousness-Soul man is banished to the physical plane, although not so strongly in the British Isles as in America." (Sound Outlook: Lecture VI: "Problems of the Time (I)"; 30th July, 1918; Berlin; GA181)

And Steiner was speaking in the context of his conception of cultural evolution, that the Consciousness Soul is to come to expression especially in the present stage of that evolution. He says, for instance:


("Social and Anti-Social Forces in the Human Being"; 12th December, 1918; Bern; GA186)

". . . . the English-speaking people . . . . are organized for the Consciousness Soul through their blood, their birthright, and their inherited faculties. Because the English- speaking peoples have been especially prepared for the cultivation of the Consciousness Soul they are, in a way, representatives of the fifth Post-Atlantean period."

". . . . the British Empire - that which is hidden in the impulses of its people exactly coincided with the inner impulses of the age."

"It is only from the English heritage that a foundation for the political thinking of the fifth Post-Atlantean period can come. The English are specially suited to the realm of politics." (See Appendix 15.)


Steiner contrasts this development of the "English-speaking" world (i.e. as paradigmatic of the "West") to the tendencies inherent in other parts of the world, especially the "Middle" (i.e. Central Europe) and the "East" (i.e. Russia in particular). (Spiritual Soul is an equivalent term for Consciousness Soul. )


(The Fundamental Social Demand of Our Times; LECTURE 5; 21st December, 1918; Dornach; GA186)

". . . . our age is characterized especially by the development of intellectuality, and that in the Western - especially the English-speaking - peoples, this intellectuality comes to expression in such a way that it acts, as it were, instinctively. Whereas in the Middle peoples, intellect does not work instinctively - in fact, to begin with, it is not innate in them at all; they must acquire it by education. . . . the peoples of the East . . . . There, the evolution of intellect comes to expression in such a way that, to begin with, the Eastern peoples actually recoil from it."

- - -

(Fundamental Social; Lecture 3; "The Metamorphosis of Intelligence"; 15th December, 1918; Dornach; GA186)

"Within the English-speaking population the Intelligence is instinctive. It works instinctively. It is a new instinct that has arisen in the evolution of mankind; the instinct to think intelligently. The very thing the spiritual soul will have to educate, the Intelligence, is practiced instinctively by the English-speaking people. The English people has a native talent for the instinctive exercise of the intelligence." (See Appendix 3.)


It seems to me that here Steiner means intellegence as the kind of cleverness that is natural and necessary in modern scientific- technical society: thinking "intelligently". And in that, the English-speaking peoples develop instinctively what must come to the fore in the present cultural age, the age of the Consciousness Soul.

But such instinctive development is not altogether conducive for the "good" of forward evolution; it also has negative aspects. And these negative aspects are markedly conspicuous in the American side. (Steiner means the USA in particular.)


(Sound Outlook; Lecture VI; "Problems of the Time"; 30th July, 1918; Berlin; GA181)

". . . . the Ahrimanic fear, the holding back from the spiritual, makes itself felt especially in the culture of the West, and particularly in the element of American civilization.

"What I am now speaking of as 'Americanism' (as collective concept, not applying to individual Americans), is fear of the spiritual, the longing to live only on the physical plane . . . . The mark of Americanism is fear of the spiritual . . . .

". . . . we should abjure the apotheosis of Americanism in which we have so long and old son [sic; scanning error?], and perceive that this particular element will become more and more active is a real, deep-seeded evil, because fear of the Spiritual is its main characteristic. . . . especially evil element arising from Americanism.

". . . . what I call Americanism, which tends to produce greater and greater fear of the spirit, making the world a mere opportunity for living in the physical.

"In these forces of Americanism lies what must actually bring the earth to them [sic; scanning error?] end, destruction dooming it at last to death , because the Spirit will be shut out from it."

- -- -

(Sound Outlook; Lecture VII; "Problems of the Time" 6th August, 1918; Berlin; GA181)

". . . . Americanism, which wishes to carry the transient into the future." (See Appendix 4.)


Here Steiner was speaking in Central Europe around the time of the First World War. The British-American complex of allies "won" that war, and power devolved upon the British- Americans. But with that power came a responsibility, which Steiner pointed out:


(Mysteries of Light; Lecture III; "Historical Occurrences of the Last Century"; 14th December, 1919; Dornach; GA194)

". . . . the actual victor is Anglo-Americanism; and this Anglo-Americanism, through the forces which I have publicly characterized here is destined for world-dominion.. . . The responsibility . . . becomes all the greater on the other side [i.e. the Anglo-American "West"]; that is where the actual responsibility will rest. . . . the responsibility will be something of deep significance for souls. For the question is already written down in humanity's book of destiny: Will there be found among those upon whom the external dominion devolves as by an external necessity, a sufficiently great number of people who feel the responsibility, so that into this external, materialistic dominion, into this culmination of materialistic dominion, may be transplanted the impulses of the spiritual life? . . . this dominion of materialism bears within it at the same time the seed of destruction. The destruction which has begun will not cease; and 'entering upon external dominion' means taking over the forces of destruction, the forces of human illness, and living in them. That which will bear humanity into the future will come forth from the new seed of the spirit, and will have to be fostered. Therefore, the responsibility rests directly upon that side to which falls world- dominion." (See Appendix 5.)


("The History and Actuality of Imperialism"; Dornach, Switzerland; February 20 1920)

". . . . in the west, in the Anglo-American world, all human tradition will become empty phrase. Therefore the responsibility exists to fill the empty vessel with spirit, about which can be said: 'This kingdom is not of this world!'"


Thus, to my understanding, according to Steiner the Anglo-American peoples and world instinctively develop the Consciousness Soul in her socio-political aspect, of the tendency of the individual to "stand on his own feet". With this instinctive aptitude, political power naturally flows to the Anglo-Americans. But there is a negative side to all this: the "intellectuality", the materialism, and the "fear of the Spirit" are dangers that threaten, especially for the "American" element. And with this power comes responsibility: to bring the Spirit into world-culture in our age, or to fail to do so, and thus to bring culture toward decadence.

Despite the negative possibilities (again according my understanding of Steiner) the present, rightful evolution of this cultural age should naturally come to expression among the English-speaking peoples, including the USA- Americans. That development should be the manifestation of the Consciousness Soul in the mass. This aspect of soul might not be quite the same as she is in the developing individual, who "works on himself", but she does at least bring Man to "stand on his own feet" as an individual and to think clearly, such as thinking is understood in the general culture.


But the observable fact is that, in the USA especially, Man is not coming to stand on his own feet as an individual, not even to seek his own selfish interests in the socio-political- economic sense, or even to think "intelligently", as thinking is generally understood. In general, the mass of people are submitting to control by a small minority of those who hold power. This powerful minority has its center mainly in the economic realm, and this financial supremacy is leveraged also into social, cultural, and political power. This country (the USA) still has some of the forms of a political order that is "democratic" in the broad sense, mainly as an inheritance from the country's founding (but also rooted in the soul qualities of the people). We still have, for instance, freedom of speech (even in the NSA is listening), freedom of religion, and some remains of the freedom to keep and bear arms -- but the overall tendency has been toward the accumulation of power in the hands of the few, and toward the submission of the many.

In fact, there seems to have been a marked retrogression in "democracy" in the two-plus centuries since the country's founding. -- To take a glaring example, one plain to view: the institution of the privately owned central state bank. The basic facts could hardly be the subject of a "conspiracy theory"; these facts are very public. I will note just a little about the situation in the USA.

Soon after the formation of the first government under the present Constitution, a privately owned central bank was established by Federal law. Some prominent people, such as the third President, Jefferson, opposed this, but the charter for this bank was renewed after twenty- some years. (Some suggest that the War of 1812 was a retaliation for the initial refusal to renew the bank's charter in 1811.) There still was considerable opposition; in 1836 President Andrew Jackson fought against the "open conspiracy" of the privately owned central bank; he said then: "If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system - there would be a revolution before morning..."

A lot of years have passed since President Jackson's statement, and one might have hoped, considering the putative advances in the political Consciousness Soul, and given the putative advances in education and communication, that the privately owned central bank would, like slavery, have long ago become only an embarrassing historical memory. But this is not so; on the contrary, the privately owned central bank (as the falsely so-called "Federal Reserve System") is still very much with us. (See, of many: eral_Reserve_System
And not only has there been no revolution, even moderate reformers such as Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich can't get much "traction" on this issue in the usual political process. As President Jackson said long ago, understanding is the key. The problem isn't that banking is really so hard to understand, the problem is something else. But what is this "something else"; why haven't "the people" come to understand even such a simple and obvious pernicious injustice as the privately owned central bank? Why hasn't consciousness, i.e. "understanding", advanced even that much since 1836?

That's the big question here: why don't "the people" understand; why do they consent to something so obviously against their own, "selfish", interest? There was opposition to the privately owned central bank in the early years of the Republic, and basic monetary policy continued to be an issue of mass politics even into the early Twentieth Century, but since then there seems to have been a retrogression in public consciousness on this question. (The last major politician to "make an issue" of monetary policy was William Jennings Bryan. Maybe Goldwater was leaning that way; but he seems not to have said much about it.) The "Fed" has been in power for a century, and in that time it has not even been a subject of contention in mass politics. The sheer, blatant obviousness of the swindle is so gross that one must wonder how "they" can get away with it, and keep getting away with it. How could "the people" give a private corporation the power to create money from nothing and lend it to the government at interest? The immediate answer that comes to mind is that "they" get away with it because "the people" are sleepwalking. -- From looking only at this question of public policy, the "Consciousness Soul" of the mass of Americans seems to dimmed since the founding of the Republic. Instead of awakening, the mass Consciousness Soul seems to be going into deeper sleep. This is counter-evolutionary, but it seems to be happening; why?

To take another example, perhaps not so open, but still fairly obvious. -- In 1963 President John Kennedy was assassinated in public, in broad daylight. The official story that followed was a cover-up, and was subsequently seen to be so by the vast majority of the US public, as has been shown by many polls. So, on that account, the cover-up might seem to have been a miserable failure; hardly anyone believes it. But on the other hard, all this hardly matters, apparently. Even after all the years since 1963 the "power structure" that carried out the assassination and the cover-up is still in place. No one was ever held accountable (even the New Orleans DA's prosecution of a minor player was a failure); no one responsible was ever removed from office; no basic policies were ever changed. Year after year, election after election, the American public keeps returning the agents of the same "power structure" to . . . well, power. So, on second thought, rather than a miserable failure, the cover-up appears to have been an outrageous success. Despite the public's rejection of the official story, the public seems utterly incapable of seeing the consequences and of taking even the most obvious remedial actions. -- Again, what's going on here?

Flash forward 30-odd years to the evident, violent elimination of President Kennedy's son, JFK Jr. In this case the "op" and the cover-up were so successful that the body went under with hardly a ripple of public suspicion, much less indignation. Even with the advances in communication (the advent of the Internet and WWW), the public questioning and speculation, compared with that surrounding the death of JFK Sr., has been minimal, at best. Granted, JFK Jr. was not President, and thus was easier to "get to", and the op was much less sloppy -- still, given the increases in communications and (putatively) in consciousness, one might have hoped for more public questioning and turmoil surrounding the death of JFK Jr. -- Again, something is going on here, but what?

Yet again: consider the 9/11 calamity. Compared to the removal of JFK Jr. only a few years before, this was a huge "op", and no matter how sophisticated, it was so leaky that the truth has fairly bled out in rivers. Still, apparently, despite these rivers, the general public accepted the big lie, enough even to have allowed wars to be waged on the basis of that lie. -- One might feel oneself sinking into despair: what's going on here?

-- I would venture that, Anthro-wise, what we see here is the reverse of the expected, or hoped-for, emergence of the socio-political Consciousness Soul: we see here the appallingly effective suppression of the Consciousness Soul, on a mass scale. The Internet has been full of talk about this problem, though mostly not in Anthroposophical concepts. A lot of people have caught on to the fact that something is suppressing the consciousness of the mass of the people; perhaps all such explanations could be brought under the designation of mass mind- control. Evidently, some kind of mass mind- control is at work, and the disheartening fact is that mass mind-control works. (Just a couple of illustrations: The public in the USA seems hardly to grasp that their government is killing people on the other side of the world, by "drone strikes". And in the case of the "chemtrails" the consciousness of the public is so paralyzed that they literally can't see what is right in front of their eyes. It is truly amazing to see how "well" mass mind-control works.)

Many components of this campaign of mass mind- control have been exposed; this campaign has been going on for a long time, and it is getting more sophisticated all the time. Even without occult insight, many observers have noted such factors as these (just google around):
-- mass propaganda, through the "press", and even more effectively through electronic "media"
-- so-called "education"
-- electromagnetic pollution
-- food adulteration
-- vaccination
-- fluoridation
-- hellish, degrading "music"
-- chemtrails
-- cell phones and "cell towers"
-- drugs, both legal and illegal
. . . . This list is hardly complete, but a complete one would go on and on, depressingly.

(I have mentioned only a few examples; they could be multiplied greatly. For a few more examples, see Appendix 6.)

I don't want to take a lot of space here belaboring the obvious; much has already been said and written about these facts. In general: The evidence from observation of politics etc. (especially in the USA, but also in other English-speaking countries, and around the world) is that people are not standing on their own feet socio-politically; they are being manipulated and exploited by the socio-economic-political "Powers That Be"; the people are passive mentally and are being led against their own (selfish, egotistical) interests.

Bottom line: the mass Consciousness Soul is failing, and not by chance, but by design. Even, or especially, where, according to the Anthroposophical view of cultural development, she should be coming to the fore: in the realm of American politics she is still failing. To come back to the most obvious example of the private central bank: US history is full of opposition movements against the private central bank and even against political conspiracies. Some presidents were elected who opposed the central bank, and at least one, Jackson, acted against this bank and even lived to tell about it. (Though an assassination was attempted against Jackson, and others, e.g. Lincoln, Garfield, and Kennedy were in fact assassinated.) And for a while, there did exist an "anti-Masonic" political party, and it did actually get a few officials elected. -- But such examples belong to the past history of the Republic. Despite the opposition, the power elite did win and persisted in power; today's opposition movements pale in comparison to those earlier in the Republic's history. On the face of it, it would seem that the mass Consciousness Soul has regressed rather than progressed.

That's the sum of the antithesis: the manifest regression rather than the progression of the mass Consciousness Soul, exactly where she "should" be manifesting.


What can be done about all this? That was my original problem: how can the mass Consciousness Soul be awakened?

The first question might be: how does the suppression "work"? If that could be answered, then the countermeasures might become apparent.

The most obvious observation: the suppression works through the deadening of the mind through "propaganda" in the worst sense of the word, through mass mis-education, through mass degradation of culture, etc. (In the USA, Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, literally "wrote the book" on propaganda nearly a century ago, and such methods have been put into practice widely, with much effect.) But this suppression also works is slightly less obvious ways, on the border between the physical and the psychic, through poisoning of all kinds: chemical, biological, electromagnetic, etc. But we need to look beyond the kind of "science" that is generally known, and to the occultic. The political power elite is at core occultic, behind the more noticeable power that is financial, political, etc. Occult literally means hidden, and what is hidden in this case is a working knowledge of the soul- spiritual realms. The true, inner power elite know of these matters, and they deliberately keep such knowledge hidden from the masses, for a number of reasons, but mainly so that the masses can be manipulated against their own welfare. Some outside observers have already divined this fact, and a lot of such discussions are already on the Internet. I could say that the "secret" is already out, and it is hidden only from those who don't wish to see, or are incapable of seeing. And it is the concern of the political power elite to make sure that the mass of the people are unable to see.

But with information gleaned from Anthroposophy, one can see deeper. (For instance, Gennady Bondarev has fairly recently written much about the occultic power techniques, in his Crisis of Civilization -- the English translation of Anthroposophie auf der Kreuzung der okkult- politischen Bewegungen der Gegenwart; in Russian: ANTROPOSOFIYA na skryeshchyenii okkultno-politichyeskikh tyechyeniy sovryemyennosti See:
For the Russian, see:
But going back to Steiner --

The occultic political-power manipulations have been going on for centuries, at least. Here is some of what Steiner said during the First World War:


(Karma of Untruthfulness II: Lecture Seventeen; 8th January, 1917; Dornach; GA174)

"Parallel with the democratic stream there came into being the use of occult motives in the various secret societies - in isolated cases, also Masonic orders. In their purposes and aims these are not, of course, spiritual, but there developed, let us call it, a spiritual aristocracy parallel to that democratic stream which was at work in the French Revolution; the aristocracy of the lodges developed. To see clearly as a human being today, to be open to the world and to understand the world, it is necessary not to be dazzled by democratic logic - which has a place only in its own sphere - by empty phrases about democratic progress and so on; it is necessary also to point to that other stream which asserted itself with the intent of gaining power for the few by means that lie hidden within the womb of the lodge - the ritual and its suggestive influence. It is necessary to point to this also.

"This has been forgotten during the age of materialism . . . . The lodges knew how to find channels through which to impress certain directions on people's thoughts. Once a web like this has been spun . . . the button need only be pressed for things to be set in motion.

"Emancipation from all these situations, and the impartial embracing of humanity as such, only really came about under the influence of such great spirituality as developed in German philosophy . . . .

"In western culture over the last few centuries preceding our own day you will easily find many ways of demonstrating how the character of ideas in the exoteric world stemmed from the esoteric thinking of the lodges."


Thus, during the time when the "democratic" political forms were coming into practice, there was also a "parallel stream" opposing the "democratic" principle. An occultic power elite was seeking rule, and effectively. This power elite worked through mass mind-control, through "impress[ing] certain directions on people's thoughts". And this was accomplished long before modern technologies came along, through ceremonial magick. Here is something else that Steiner revealed then:


(Karma of Untruthfulness II: Lecture Twenty One; 20th January, 1917; Dornach; GA174)

"Imagine certain secret societies carrying on a form of ceremonial magic directed towards its grey or black aspects. . . . Imagine they influence their members in a way that affects even their physical body, even the delicate vibrations and weavings of their physical body, so that something spiritual flows into this physical body.

"What is the consequence? The consequence is that something now comes about which was suitable in earlier periods of human evolution but is no longer permissible today. Such procedures make it possible for the spiritual world to influence those human beings who participate, even though they do not turn towards it along the path I have described. This means that it becomes possible for the dead, as well as other spirits, to influence the members of a circle created by ceremonial magic.

"Imagine a number of people brought together to form a certain brotherhood. . . . through the acts of ceremonial magic we [the members of the "brotherhood"] perform, they [the dead in this "circle"] work into our bodies. Because of this we gain greater power than we have; because of this we are enabled to exercise a certain degree of magical power over other, weaker people who stand outside such brotherhoods. When we speak words, when we give a speech, these dead souls work in us because we have been prepared by sharing in these acts of ceremonial magic.

"It is one thing if somebody who simply participates honestly in the cultural processes of our time gives a speech in parliament or writes a newspaper article. But it is something entirely different if a person who belongs to a circle of ceremonial magic, and is thus strengthened by the power urges of some who have died, gives a speech in parliament or writes an article for a newspaper. The latter exercises an immensely greater degree of influence in the direction of his wishes than would be the case if he did not have this backing."


So, all the while, during the development of ordinary, "democratic" politics and procedures, something else has been working into them: the black magick of unscrupulous power elites who are "in the know". The speeches and written articles of such people are far more powerful and influential than are the speeches and articles of those who do not practice such magick, in part because some dead (human) spirits are maneuvered into adding to the "suggestive" power in those speeches and articles. That is the kind of mass mind-control that has been put into effect for centuries; the "democratic" processes have always been subverted. The tendency of the mass Consciousness Soul, of Man "to stand on his own feet" as an individual, to seek his own interests in politics, has always been opposed. This in itself is nothing new; there has long existed the hidden rule of the many by the wily few with occult knowledge. Steiner again:


(Karma of Untruthfulness I: Lecture Eleven; 26th December, 1916; Dornach; GA173)

"In certain countries editorial offices - I mean this as a picture! - have a respectable door and a sliding door. Through the respectable door you enter the office and through the sliding door you enter some secret brotherhood or other working, as I have variously indicated over the last few days, to achieve results of the kind about which we have spoken."


That was said in 1916, when, of course, almost the only kind of "mass media" that existed was the "print press". But what is new is the rise of more sophisticated techniques of mass mind- control. A more powerful means of physically working on the mass subconscious -- "movies" -- was only beginning. Even more powerful means -- such as television -- have now become world- wide. These more visual media, through adjustment of the "flicker rate" and so on, put the viewer into a passive mental state merely by their psycho-physical properties, and thus the message, which comes, directly or indirectly, from the "secret brotherhoods", dives into the passive, subconscious minds of the mass public with even more "black magickal" power than it ever could through merely the printed word. And now come the still more powerful and less understood media of the Internet, Wi-Fi, and so on.

Again, I don't want to take a lot of space here belaboring the obvious. Such psycho-physical methods of rendering the mass mind passive have been much discussed, especially on the Internet. And the concentration of power in the "mass media" and the "message" of mass indoctrination serving the interests of the political-economic power elite have also been much discussed. There has even been some discussion of the occultic agenda behind these manipulations. Anyone can search the Internet and find plenty of talk in this vein. But my point here is that the insights of Anthroposophy are needed for a real understanding of the true motives behind all these manipulations of the mass mind. The true motives are not merely money and power in the usual sense; the motives are far more profoundly anti-evolutionary, from an understanding of cosmic evolution that is "occult" (i.e. hidden) from the wider public.

In brief (and in part), Steiner tells us that the "brotherhoods" in the English-speaking world have esoteric insight into the great forces shaping history and into the innate capacities of West, Middle, and East. (Ultimately, the members of these "brotherhoods" pursue a kind of "immortality" in realms outside the "normal", Godly ones.) These power-societies seek, with great success, to guide events so that the English-speaking world -- that is, the especially Ahrimanic impulses of it -- becomes dominant in politics, economics, and culture throughout the world. These aims are certainly not for the benefit of the mass of the English- speaking peoples; indeed these masses must be manipulated and tricked into working against their own better interests. That is, the emergence of the mass Consciousness Soul must be suppressed, so that the mass of the people do not "stand on their own feet" as individuals in the socio-political sense.

Going back to my original question, and taking a pro-evolutionary standpoint, I might say that the mass of people need to be educated about what is really happening. Even with the control of the mass media, at least the Internet is now getting the information out there. But that's not enough; the Internet has been here almost twenty years, and the people haven't woken up yet. The obvious (getting the information out) is already being done, and it's still not enough. Something more needs to be done, if there is to be an awakening of the mass Consciousness Soul; something that is not so obvious.

It seems to me that this "something" must include a means of counteracting the subtle (psycho- physical and black-magickal) methods of suppressing the mass Consciousness Soul. But the problem here is: these methods have been at work for a long time and have much money and "influence" behind them; an effective antidote would have to work without much money and cultural power behind it. Those people who see the problem and want to fix it are relatively few and don't have much money and other forms of power in society. This is the crux of the difficulty in coming up with a "fix"; and ordinary thinking seems not to be able to solve this conundrum.

(Perhaps this "black magick" might be countered by "white magick"? -- For all I know, and from what I would expect, this is likely already being done in esoteric ways. And the exoteric religious movements are already practicing the "while magick" of prayer. But again, to observation, all this is still not enough; the mass Consciousness Soul is still not taking effect in mass culture and politics. Such "white magick" is all to the good, but I would say again: something more needs to be done.)

One might say that there are some hopeful signs. For instance, as recently as September 2013 the political administration in the USA made a big push for a US attack against Syria -- but this push failed, for obscure reasons. Perhaps there were external considerations, such as the ominous reactions from China and Russia and other contrary military considerations, but likely there were also internal considerations: mainly, the lack of enthusiasm in the US public. Other than in the pro-Israel "lobby", there was almost no support among the US people for such an attack. Usually, the influence of the pro- Israel lobby alone is enough to get something done, but it wasn't in this case; perhaps the majority of the people were just too sick and tired of Mid-Eastern wars?

Maybe there might be a small glimmer of hope that the mass Consciousness Soul is not quite dead, but only a small glimmer. The power elite is still very much in power, and still is seeking its nefarious goals.

(For a few more hopeful signs, see Appendix 16.)

I believe that there is hope; otherwise, I wouldn't even bother to write this. But the hope is strained: the power elite still have power, and the mass Consciousness Soul is still being suppressed. A minority of people are working to counter this elite. Some information is getting out, and some people are even countering the subtle, "etheric" effects of mass psycho-physical deadening. (See, for instance,
But IMO such efforts, though good and necessary, are not adequate: the Powers That Be are still very much in power, and the mass Consciousness Soul is still smothered. Something more needs to be done to awaken this Consciousness Soul, something more powerful; but what?

So, even with occult insights gleaned from Steiner, I can't find an answer to my original question through ordinary thinking. I am faced with a problem that apparently can't be solved by ordinary thinking. I need some kind of "higher" insight.


Again: after thinking through this problem, and staying with it for months and months, I had only come to the temporary conclusion that the ordinary ways of trying to solve this problem were not effective; something more was needed. But I didn't know what this "something more" might be. I knew the template of "7fold thinking" from Bondarev; I knew that the next step was "beholding": seeing the essence of the problem in mental imagery. I was hoping that I could reach this next stage, and that it would point me toward a solution of the problem. I did, from time to time, "get" some mental images, but none that seemed helpful. (See Appendix 9.)

Finally, after months of getting nowhere, I started to make progress, so it seemed to me. I "saw" a mental image, which I took to be the Being of the Consciousness Soul; feminine, in robes, or in various other garbs. And then: I saw a picture of someone, a masculine figure, before Her in a prayerful attitude, with pressed-together hands, in a pose of reverence.

It struck me: Yes, of course; the soul is archetypally feminine; it was natural that I should "see" the Consciousness Soul as a womanly figure. And the idea of reverence "rang a bell" in my mind: didn't Steiner say somewhere that reverence is the educator of the Consciousness Soul?

And I thought: Yes; maybe now I'm onto something. Is "reverence" the answer to the problem of the awakening of the mass Consciousness Soul? Maybe I was seeing the answer in a picture.


Steiner does say that reverence is the educator of the Consciousness Soul. For instance:


(Metamorphoses of the Soul --Paths of Experience; Vol. 1; LECTURE 4; "The Mission of Reverence [Andacht]; Berlin; 28th October 1909)

"The Sentient Soul can live without being much permeated by thinking."

"In the Intellectual Soul [Verstandesseele], accordingly, we do not find indefinite feelings arising from the depths, but feelings gradually penetrated by the inner-light of thought."

"Indeed, everything that constitutes logic is first proved through feeling, by the infallible feeling for truth that dwells in the human soul."

". . . . reverence becomes the educator of the Consciousness Soul."

". . . . the Ego is drawn gradually into the Consciousness Soul by the influence of reverence."

"Thinking itself cannot lead the soul out; this comes about through devotion, but thinking must then immediately exert itself to permeate with the life of thought the object of the soul's devotion. In other words, there must be a resolve to think about this object."

"Thus we see the need for a means of education which will lead the Ego into the Consciousness Soul and will guide the Consciousness Soul in the face of the unknown, both the physical unknown and the unknown supersensible. Reverence, consisting of devotion and love, provides the means we seek."

(This lecture deserves to be read in its entirety. It is here:
in English. See also Appendix 18)


Thus, Steiner does indeed aver that the Consciousness Soul is awakened by reverence. And it's not hard to see why: The Sentient Soul lives merely in feelings and sensations. In the Intellectual Soul thought is awakening, but it is still not objective; subjective feelings and desires falsify this thinking so that such pseudo-thinking regards as "true" what satisfies these feelings and desires. Only in the Consciousness Soul does this pseudo-thinking become real thinking, so that objective Reality becomes the criterion of Truth, regardless of subjective, personal wishes or feelings. But the soul is moved first of all by feelings; she is the very vehicle of feelings in experience. So, if the soul is to pursue objective Truth despite subjective feelings, some higher feeling must move the soul in that direction. This "higher feeling" is reverence: the feeling of love and devotion toward "something higher" than the merely personal. Once the soul really wants the objectively Real, the Truth, regardless of personal wants, then she can become the instrument of true thinking, which in inherently objective. But first she must be moved by a feeling, in this case the "higher" feeling of reverence. In fact, as Steiner says:

". . . . everything that constitutes logic is first proved through feeling, by the infallible feeling for truth that dwells in the human soul."

In the human soul, seemingly, the "feeling for truth" must come before the "logic" of Truth.

But here Steiner seems to be talking about the individual Consciousness Soul as she is developed in the striving seeker. One might contend that Steiner is not talking about the mass, "instinctive" Consciousness Soul. Indeed, instincts are inherently subjective, "self- seeking" desires; what do they have to do with objective thinking that seeks Reality? One might say that the very idea of an instinctive Consciousness Soul is a contradiction in terms. -- It is true, it seems to me, that Steiner means something slightly different from the individual Consciousness Soul when he speaks of the "spiritualized instinct to develop the consciousness soul" that arises in the English- speaking peoples. (It seems that the individual Consciousness Soul is more like what he mentions as that to which the "Middle" has to be educated.) As far as I know, Steiner does not directly address this contradiction. In this "instinctive Consciousness Soul" the "intelligence" that develops instinctively is not, apparently, quite the same as the true, objective thinking that is the essential characteristic in the individual Consciousness Soul. An intelligence that is driven by instinct, that is, by subconscious, personal desire, cannot be entirely as objective as the impersonal thinking that is energized by reverence.

So, does what Steiner says about "reverence" apply to this mass, instinctive Consciousness Soul? He doesn't, as far as I know, say explicitly, but what is implied? -- One might ask, first of all, whether the mass Consciousness Soul is wholly divorced from the individual Consciousness Soul. And it would seem that the answer must be no, for, despite all the seeming differences, Steiner does after all use the same term Consciousness Soul; there must be significant similarities. The "instinctive" Consciousness Soul manifests in the capacity of Man to "stand on his own feet" in the socio-political realm and to develop "intelligence". These capacities are not as developed as they would be when manifesting in the individual Consciousness Soul, but they are similar. In the individual Consciousness Soul the primary capacity, and essential activity, is thinking directed toward objective Truth, regardless of personal desires. This activity is a kind of "intelligence" that cannot be corrupted by desires, as they might be at the stage of the "Intellectual Soul". And more, such activity would make the practitioner free of control, even influence, from those who might seek to control him; he would in fact "stand on his own feet" as a thinker, subservient to no one and to no influences other than the will to find objective Truth. Thus, it might seem that the "instinctive" tendency to develop the Consciousness Soul could be a forerunner of the true, individual Consciousness Soul; only that "instincts" are inherently subconscious and egotistical. And so, as it were, the unconscious Consciousness Soul is but a dim precursor of the conscious Consciousness Soul, a predecessor that is brought about "naturally", through instincts (that is, by the influence of the Gods in human evolution), but one that still might be further developed into an individual possession and attribute. I might say that in this case the evolving human instincts lead the human being to doorstep of the true Consciousness Soul, but it remains for the individual, through his own efforts and moral decisions, to open the door and walk in.

But again: it is apparent that what "should" happen, especially in the English-speaking peoples, is not happening; the "mass Man" is not "standing on his own feet" even in a self- seeking way in the socio-political sense. The mass individual is submitting to control, even against his own selfish interests. Ultimately, this "control" is mind-control, and I have already discussed some of the means by which this is brought about. Again, the more evident means of mass mind-control, the cultural and psycho-physical ones, have been widely identified and discussed; the less obvious ones, the occultic, the black magickal, have been identified and discussed by Steiner among a few others.

Yet again, the question arises: can what "should" be happening, but is not happening, be somehow made to happen? -- Steiner said that reverence is the educator of the Consciousness Soul; apparently he meant the true, conscious Consciousness Soul. But could, somehow, reverence likewise awaken the mass, instinctive Consciousness Soul? -- One might make a comparison: if, say, a teacher could teach calculus, could he not also teach arithmetic? Or, if a student could learn calculus, could he not also learn arithmetic? It would seem that if something could bring about an advanced, complicated skill, it could, it must, also inherently be able to bring about a less complex but essential, prerequisite skill. By analogy, one might compare the relation of arithmetic to calculus with the relation of the instinctive to the individual Consciousness Soul. If reverence could awaken the true, individual Consciousness Soul, so also, a fortiori, it should be able to awaken the less advanced "mass" Consciousness Soul. For this mass Consciousness Soul is but a dim version of the true one; that is, it is "instinctive", less conscious, requires less individual effort and development. Perhaps, even a dimly conscious manifestation of reverence in the "mass Man" could, at least, bring about a manifestation of the dim, instinctive Consciousness Soul?

It comes to me: if the masses could be induced into reverence, especially reverence for Truth, then their Consciousness Soul might awaken, and maybe they could not be deceived and misled so easily? Then, what "should" happen, could and would happen?


But what could produce "reverence" on a mass scale, in the wide society? In the USA, especially, more than in most of the industrialized world, people do "go to church", they do "get religion", to some extent anyway. Apparently, judging from the lack of manifestation of the Consciousness Soul, even in her "instinctive" aspects, "church" is not enough.

Modern life itself works against the development of feelings of reverence, and such feelings, it seems, are deliberately suppressed all the more by devious, baleful powers. Mass "culture", such as it is, degrades the populace, rather than uplifts them. (Indeed, irreverent is usually a term of praise.) And this is the more the case the "higher", the more sophisticated, the more intellectual, the "culture" becomes.

But whatever remedy, if it is to induce reverence successfully in the mass, must be simple and powerful (and cheap) enough to work against the powerful suppression of the mass Consciousness Soul, that is brought about, expensively, by the Powers That Be with their money and hidden influence.

Musing on this problem, after months, I got the thought: If people would only, somehow find the time and opportunity -- and do it -- "sun" their eyes, maybe even through closed lids, when the Sun is "up", then they would be so energized and healed in body, that they would also hopefully be healed in soul. (See Appendix 7.) Then they would know what Truth feels like and be able to make a "sentient judgement" (Steiner's phrase), from the heart. The Sun is not just a source of light and heat; it is the source of life energy, the essential Giver Of Life in the earthly world, and also the soul-center of this world -- the feeling-heart in the large, that activates the feeling heart in the microcosm, in the individual Man. This procedure is powerful, simple, and elemental enough that it could counteract the mass deadening to which modern Man is subjected, and would not require a lot of thinking. If people would get the enlivening stimulus of some sunlight in their eyes, then maybe they would know what Truth feels like; they would feel reverence, and hopefully they could not be deceived so readily?

(That strong sunlight is healthful for the vision was discovered [or re-discovered?] and advocated in modern times by the opthalmologist William H Bates. His method has been practised and endorsed by others since. See Appendix 10.)

If the body feels good (in a healthy way), then the soul does also; in a way they're not really separated. Trouble is, most or many people don't even know when the body really feels good -- in a healthy way. They know only the satisfaction of their unclean, unhealthy desires.

The practice of Sun-gazing for the health of the soul goes back a long, long time. For instance, it was a regular practice in the Mystery schools of ancient Egypt. (See Appendix 11.) A lot has changed in the world and in Man since then, but the Sun is still a lot more than merely (and supposedly) a hot ball of gas in the sky. (According to Steiner, the Christ was [in a way] the Sun Spirit when the Sun and the Earth were joined; the Christ left with the Sun when the Earth separated, in the distant past. With the "Mystery of Golgotha" the Christ again [in a way] became the Spirit of the Earth, preparing for the re-union of the Sun with the Earth in the far future.) The ancient Mysteries knew of the "Threefold Sun", in its physical, soul, and spiritual aspects. (See Appendix 12.) For instance, Steiner says:

". . . . [the Sun] was recognized by the wise men of ancient Persia with their instinctive wisdom, and in this sense the sun was regarded as the earthly source of Light . . . . Then, among the Egyptians and Chaldeans, the sun became the reflector of Life and among the Greeks, the reflector of Love." ("The Sun-Mystery in the Course of Human History"; Lecture: 6th November, 1921; Dornach; GA208)

According to Steiner, the Roman emperor Julian the Apostate knew of this Mystery teaching, and he wished to preserve it. But he was not able to recognize it in its Christian form, and he was killed because he wished to preserve and promulgate the old knowledge. This Mystery wisdom had to disappear in the course of cultural evolution, as in exoteric Christianity, for a while:

"This was the conception that Julian the Apostate wanted to preserve - and he was done away with. In order to reach freedom it was indeed necessary that men should hold for a time to the superstition of the sun as a globe of gas in space, giving out light - a superstition enunciated as a categorical truth in every book of physics today." (See Appendix 8.)

But only for a while, and now that old wisdom needs to be revived, in a new form, as in modern "Spiritual Science". It was known, in the Mysteries, in pre-Christian times, that the "Christ" was (in part, at least) the Spirit of the Sun. Around the time of the Incarnation the Christ left His "Spirit Man" on the Sun and came to Earth with His "Life Spirit" and surrounded the Earth with it. (See Appendix 8 again.) In the Incarnation He brought His "Spirit Self" and "Ego" (see Steiner's Theosophy for definitions of these terms) into the Earth. In the centuries after the Incarnation the Christ Spirit became the Spirit of the Earth and worked in two "streams", as it were: one in the "atmosphere" of the Earth and the other in human hearts. These two "streams" met esoterically in the Ninth Century. Steiner says:

"The Christ Who descended through the Mystery of Golgotha drew into the hearts of men. In the hearts of men He passed from East to West, from Palestine, through Greece, across Italy and Spain. The Christianity of the Grail spread through the blood and the hearts of men. The Christ took His way from East to West.

"And to meet Him from the West there came the spiritual etheric Image of the Christ - the Image evoked by the Mystery of Golgotha, but still picturing the Christ of the Sun Mysteries." (Karmic Relationships, VIII: Lecture VI; 27th August, 1924; GA240)

But in a real sense, the Christ is still the Spirit of the Sun. Steiner says:

"The high beings who gave the ego have their seat on the sun; they give us what goes from incarnation to incarnation."

"We receive the forces that strengthen our ego from the sun, and we shouldn't just stare at the sun but should let these ideas arise in us: You marvellous [sic] world body, it was through you, through your sun-grace forces that I received my ego and all the forces that are connected with it. I thank you in shy reverence."

"They spoke about the third sun in all the mysteries. The first is the creative physical one that sends us its warming rays. The second is the spiritual one that stands behind it and that gave us the ego, and the third is the high bearer of the Christ principle, the Christ, who gives us the higher I with his grace-sun forces. This third sun has been making a connection with the earth since the Mystery of Golgotha. It's the sun of which Paul said: 'Not I, but Christ in me,' the Christ whom every man since then can receive."

"This third sun became manifest to Christian neophytes through initiation, and the tragedy that's connected with Julian the Apostate's fate is that he knew about the third sun but couldn't identify it with the Christ." (See Appendix 8.)

Or more directly:

"The Christ is therefore Sun Spirit and at the same time Earth Spirit." (The Gospel of St. John; 22nd November, 1907; Basle; GA100)

-- All this is esoteric Truth. But it need not be known to be effective; anyone getting a dose of sunlight is also getting a dose of the Christ, whether one knows it or not; the experience is powerful nevertheless. If one tries to experience the Sun, not merely to "get a tan" or suchlike; if one gets the Sunlight into his eyes and lets it into his body, things happen, things that are directly experienced and undeniable.

The practice proves itself by experience, more than "proof" by arguments could. It is indeed more important to get sunlight into the eyes than onto the skin, and if one does this, regularly, one will find out. (One should first remove any "corrective lenses".) Probably the best way is to get a view of the Sun as it is rising, or even as it is setting. That is hard for most people; most might have to settle for gazing at the high Sun through closed eyelids. But even that is powerful. For the Sun is not merely a source of light and heat; it is the source of life energy. If one relaxes, perhaps reclining, while letting sunlight into the eyes, the body feels it: not merely warmth (though that can be very nice in cool weather) but also life energy. After a while, say fifteen to thirty minutes (or more, or less; it varies according to many factors; I'm speaking about the mild Sun here), one feels life energy coursing through the body. One smiles involuntarily; the face may yawn; the breathing gets slower and deeper; the fingers and toes may spread; the body may tense and release in pulsating rhythm. (Care should be taken not to fall asleep in the direct sunlight; else one might get an hellacious sunburn.) One might even have an "orgasm reflex" in the Reichian sense: the body involuntarily flexes inward and forward. After a while, it might be impossible to stay still even if one wanted to try. This is not an "orgasm" due to sexual excitation in the ordinary sense; it is rather a reflex due to the surging of life energy through the body. One might find oneself laughing out loud. When the eyes get used to the bright light, anyone with normal eyesight, or even semi-normal, will almost surely see the "dancing dots" and bright streaks in the sky (away from the Sun) -- those that Reich said were indicative of atmospheric "orgone" energy. (Even some who are counted as blind might derive much benefit. There are many degrees of "blindness"; even some who can't discern objects can nevertheless sense light.) Above all, the whole process feels good.

(It might be that if one is "armored" [again in the Reichian sense] one might initially feel distress at this surging and flexing. If one is heavily armored, one might even feel panic and rage. Since most people are more-or-less armored, a little distress at the beginning of Sun-gazing might not be far from common. I would suggest that one try not to give in to panic, that one hold on to the conviction that what one is feeling is natural, healthful, and righteous. If one experiences serious distress, then I would suggest that one is in serious need of competent psychotherapy. But competent therapists are hard to find.)

(And I would surely not wish to suggest that in taking up this practice that one abandon common sense, though one should recall the thought that the eyes can take in more sunlight than is commonly supposed. But moderation is the key; if it doesn't feel good, in all ways, it is probably harmful. [But again: those who are heavily "armored" might feel something negative at what naturally should feel good. Some people might need much therapy before they become able to tell the healthful from the unhealthful by feeling.] The differences in social circumstances, latitude, altitude, climate, skin type, etc. -- are too great for anyone to give exact, general rules. I suppose that the most general rules would be: start slow and work up gradually; do only what feels good in a healthy way; use common sense. For instance: if the weather is chilly, one can bundle up; if it is seriously cold, then one can exercise common sense. If the sky is cloudy, then that might be an advantage in some circumstances; one can look where the Sun is, behind the clouds if they are heavy; if the clouds are lighter, one can gaze directly at the Sun-orb and see it with open eyes. [Even on a heavily overcast day, the sky is still full of light. One need only relax, unfocus, and let the light in. Under such circumstances, one might easily see the "orgone" in the sky.] If it is raining, then one can try to stay dry. Another for-instance: I have very fair skin, and I can get burned even by the mild Sun; so, if I am gazing at the high Sun, I limit my time to keep my face from getting sunburned. [I suppose that one could, if necessary, make a crude mask with only eyeholes.] In general, the lower to the horizon the Sun is, the better. -- And in some circumstances, it might be unsafe even to go outdoors and let one's guard down. Again, I would say: use common sense; one probably will always have to adapt the practice to one's circumstances. But even gazing at the Sun through a window would be better than not doing the exercise at all. Most windows do not pass the full spectrum, but it's still better than nothing. And even if one can only see indirect sunlight, it is still sunlight; the "trick" is to not look at any particular objects, but to assimilate the light itself, consciously. The key is to do the practice daily, or as close to daily as possible. And so on.)

But I would guess that most people, if they give the experience a fair chance, will instinctively know that it feels good and that it is healthful. It feels good in the body, and across the borderline between the body and soul. And, if one "believes" in the spiritual presence in the Sun, of even if one is just "open", the good feeling goes into the soul, into the "heart". Christ is the Healer, and He heals both body and soul. Feeling good is feeling good; it permeates everything. (Despite the chem-clouds, the goodness of the Sun comes through. Though if the smog is very heavy, one might be frustrated; see, for instance Happily, as far as I know, we haven't [in the USA] come to that point yet.)
With time, the appetites are reduced and purified. Eventually, one gets to the point that one has no anger or any negative emotions; when the Sun permeates the "heart", such emotions are impossible. One doesn't have anything against anyone in the world; one wishes only that everyone and everything could be at least as happy as one is at the moment. One "loves" everybody and everything; one loves Life itself. One might feel oneself as if floating in warm, liquid Love. The Sun is that good, if one gives it a chance. Yet again: sunlight in the eyes is much more important for the experience than is sunlight on the skin.

And more, one naturally feels a gratitude for the goodness and life that are being given. This is a natural awakening of reverence. It is not at all anything like an "obligation" or such; it just arises naturally. This is the Love of Christ flowing in and through the soul, whether or not one knows it. But if one does know it and accepts it, then the experience can be all the more powerful. One can more easily understand how Christ behaved as He did, as is told in the Bible: if Christ is the Sun-Spirit, and if He felt even more exaltedly this good feeling that comes from the Sun, then of course He acted as lovingly as He did; it's a lot more understandable.

But I think that one need not even know the Name of Christ to have the experience of love and reverence. If one only practices sungazing and gives it a fair chance, then the influx of "energy" from the Sun is so powerful that such feelings arise naturally. But the problem is that most people don't give the Sun a fair chance. Even most people who work in the sunshine all day -- such as farmers, fishermen, and roofers -- don't really experience the Sun. And even most "sun-bathers" don't. People might know instinctively that the Sun, in moderation, is healthful, but most people don't let the Sun all the way into their hearts. In order to do that, one must relax and pay attention.

Nevertheless, if given a fair chance, the experience is powerful and undeniable. People might argue about theories and theology, but it's very hard to argue with the Sun, once one has had the experience. The experience is simply so manifestly good that it could even become "addictive"; people might have a hard time tearing themselves away from it to get other things done. People seem to know instinctively that the Sun is truly, purely good, beyond what it is as a bringer of warmth and light. As the popular songs say:

"Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right",

"If I had a wish that I could wish for you
I'd make a wish for sunshine all the while . . . .
"Sunshine almost always makes me high
Sunshine almost all the time makes me high"


"I'm gonna soak up the sun
Gonna tell everyone
To lighten up"

These are only a few examples from many possible. Popular songs do grasp the mass subconscious in some way; that is how they become popular. In this case, they (at least) touch the semi- conscious knowledge of the public that the Sun is just plain good. -- But, if one really tries to experience the Sun, then what is dimly instinctive becomes more conscious. This instinct has even found its way into the language: the Merriam Webster dictionary gives the meaning of sunny as "merry, optimistic". If one has an optimistic, radiant personality, then one might be said to have a "sunny disposition".

-- The point of this immediate discussion is that I think that conscious sungazing, if practiced en masse, would provide a ready means of awakening reverence in the mass soul. The Sun is widely available; it is healthful; it is cheap; it is easy; and it feels good. I believe it could provide the perfect antidote to the many and various kinds of poisoning that are inflicted on the public. These poisonings are physical and mental, even spiritual; but the Sun is an antidote on all these levels. Most of the poisons are expensive and ubiquitous; the Sun is even more ubiquitous, and cheap. Many of the poisons are addictive; sungazing could become habitual, if people could only know how good it feels. (See the whole website

ALL-UNITY (The upshot):

To recapitulate: I started with the question of what can be done to awaken the mass Consciousness Soul. First, as Steiner said, this mass Consciousness Soul "should" already be manifesting in the socio-political life especially in the English-speaking peoples. But, according to observation, this mass Consciousness Soul is not manifesting; if anything, she is retrogressing. Then, I considered the many and various means that the power elite uses to suppress the mass Consciousness Soul, and I observed that much is already being done to counter this suppression, but that these progressive efforts are not sufficient; they don't seem to be working. So, it seemed to me that the answer to this problem, if there be an answer, must come from a "higher realm", from "thinking outside the box". I got a first glimmer of a solution through a mental picture of the Consciousness Soul as a feminine figure, and then with another figure (masculine) in an attitude of prayer and/or reverence toward Her. Then, something "clicked": I remembered that Steiner said that reverence is the educator of the Consciousness Soul; I inferred that if reverence could be awakened in the mass, then the mass Consciousness Soul would thereby be awakened. But the problem remained: the mass Consciousness Soul is being suppressed by powerful means that are expensive and pervasive, and I don't have, and apparently the progressive counter-forces don't have, the power and the money to use to influence the mass public in a culturally positive way toward reverence. Then it hit me: the Sun is already widely available; it is cheap; it is healthful; and it naturally induces healthy feelings such as reverence in the soul. If people would take the time to pay attention to the Sun, to get a good, daily dose of sunlight in the eyes, then, as a by-product (maybe not even the most important one), in the mass public the Consciousness Soul would be aroused enough that the people would not be so susceptible to the poisonings and manipulations that are so extensively used against them, that they would wake up enough at least to demand a socio-political order that is in their own interests. -- The Sun is right "there"; if only the mass public knew how to use it, and would use it . . . then much that is beneficial would naturally follow.

That last observation might seem simple and obvious, but even so, it's not obvious to most people -- now. They need the suggestion, the information, and the hope that it would work for their benefit. Maybe at first they could be induced to the practice because it feels so good, for the sake of their health? (Really, people in general do seem to be unhealthy; one can walk into any Wal-Mart and just look at all the ruined bodies around. Hardly one in four people seem healthy even to superficial observation. [And this is not just a subjective impression. See, for more extensive observations the recent article, "Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America"]
People do need something better for their health; better than what they are already getting.) And then, as a consequence, a "by-product" of sungazing, they would have an awakening of reverence in their souls? And thus an awakening of the mass Consciousness Soul? -- But they need to get the suggestion; the Sun doesn't cost much (for most people), but they need to get at least the idea. How?

Perhaps the Internet is the only mass media that is available to the "little guy"? At least it is the closest thing to a really "free press" that has appeared in history. But, of course, the Powers That Be have not supinely accepted such freedom; they have taken countermeasures. In some countries there has been outright censorship, but there hasn't been much of that in the USA. Here, the main problem on the Internet is the flood of distractions and disinformation. People need to know where to look, and they need to know how to recognize the Truth and to use it.

I think that it is important to realize what mere sungazing among the mass public might do, versus what it won't do; not to expect too much from it. It won't by itself, for instance, bring people to the practice of objective, logical thinking. People en masse can't be induced to take up PoF and practice "living thinking"; that just isn't going to happen anytime soon. (It's hard enough for Anthros to take up PoF in a serious way.) But people en masse might be induced to take up sungazing, if they could find out how good it feels. It's almost like trying to give away free money, except that people already know the value (such as it is) of money, while they don't (consciously) know the value of the Sun.

Sungazing might bring people health and a good feeling in the body, even in the heart, but the mind still might want to run away in fantasy and revert to old habits. The fantasies might be healthier, but real thinking requires inner motivation and inner discipline. Emotions and behavior would not immediately be perfected; for instance, one might still have outbursts of anger, etc. The improvement of feelings and actions is a long task, that takes many incarnations, and that takes much inner work; but the regular experiencing of the Sun will naturally help. And sungazing might induce a reverential feeling for Truth in the mass public, and that would be a big step forward, and hopefully people would think more clearly, in the ordinary sense, about their practical lives and about the social situation. But real thinking can be brought about only by an inner renunciation of (easy) pleasure, by an inner effort and the regular practice of it.

And neither would mass sungazing bring about, for another example, an truly enlightened social order. Hopefully the practice would get people to the point where they would have more discernment, through a healthy feeling for Truth, so that they would not swallow big lies so easily and be led against their own interests. Again, that would be a big step forward; if people in the mass would not accept obvious deception and gross exploitation in socio-political affairs, then the world would be a very different place. If governments were only forced to become honest, the difference would be huge. Politics, in the broad sense, would become healthier, but insight is needed from "initiation science" in order to get the concepts of a really healthy social order, such as is required by the times. The concept of the "threefold commonwealth" must somehow flow into the mass mind, and for that to happen a lot more is needed than mere sungazing.

But true feelings in the heart do lead to a kind of cognition. Steiner told us about this repeatedly. A purified heart can lead to a "sentient judgment" that grasps the Truth from the subconscious. I would think that if the mass public purified their hearts through sungazing, then they would know what Truth feels like, and thus would be able to discern truths that they do not quite grasp intellectually, and they would get a creepy feeling when they are being lied to. In fact, Steiner relied on such "sentient judgment" in his readers and listeners when he gave out supersensible facts about the "other side". (See Appendix 13.) -- But the really good news for Anthroposophists is: you don't need to wait for the Ethereal Christ to come calling: He is already in the sunshine, delivered right to a place near you.

And so on. I envision that the practice of mass sungazing would only serve, in the first place, to counteract the mass physical poisoning to which people are subjected, deliberately by the Powers That Be. This physical poisoning has, by design, more subtle effects, which creep into the mass mind and make people vulnerable to lies and abuse. This too would be counteracted by sungazing; people would get a real feeling for Truth, and thus they could not be so easily misled; they would have more discernment. Further, mass sungazing might bring about a natural feeling of reverence; this would counteract the mental poisoning of the "mass culture", and would, hopefully, awaken the mass Consciousness Soul. In all, I hope that mass sungazing would get people to the point that the natural evolution, such as is intended by the Gods, could take place. But in the first place, the mass public would likely be best be brought to sungazing simply because it feels soooooo good; then the public might want to extend this good feeling to the soul and mind, and then to put it into action in a socio-political way.

I believe that it is always important to remember that the suppression of the mass Consciousness Soul is a manipulation, no matter how powerful it may seem, that goes against Nature. The Powers That Be are always struggling to keep the lid on, and their seeming power is always precarious. Just a little nudge in the right direction, and the pot will boil over, from their point of view. Then, what natural evolution wants to happen will happen; the mass Consciousness Soul will emerge and take power. The Powers That Be want people to be sick and gullible; if people were healthy and discerning, then the present "power structures" would have a very hard time staying in power. I foresee that mass sungazing has the potential to make people in general more healthy and discerning.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds" -- Samuel Adams (I quote this, but I don't agree with the word *irate; energetic love is better than anger.)

If people would do real sungazing, then they would at least know from experience how Truth feels, but the problem is: how to get them even that far? The problem is to create a mass movement for sungazing . . . but how?

I conclude that I have found that a solution to my original problem is possible, but the next problem is to find a way to put that solution into effect as a practical matter. -- That seems to be the "upshot" of this round of 7fold thinking.



Appendix 1:

Theosophy, I.4:

By thinking, the human being is led above and beyond his own personal life. He acquires something that extends beyond his soul. He comes to take for granted his conviction that the laws of thought are in conformity with the laws of the universe, and he feels at home in the universe because this conformity exists. This conformity is one of the weighty facts through which he learns to know his own nature. He searches in his soul for truth and through this truth it is not only the soul that speaks but also the things of the world. What is recognized as truth by means of thought has an independent significance that refers to the things of the world, and not merely to one's own soul. In my delight at the starry heavens I live in my own inner being. The thoughts I form for myself about the paths of heavenly bodies have the same significance for the thinking of every other person as they have for mine. It would be absurd to speak of my delight were I not in existence. It is not in the same way absurd, however, to speak of my thoughts, even without reference to myself, because the truth that I think today was true also yesterday and will be true tomorrow, although I concern myself with it only today. If a fragment of knowledge gives me joy, the joy has significance just as long as it lives in me, whereas the truth of the knowledge has its significance quite independently of this joy.

By grasping the truth, the soul connects itself with something that carries its value in itself. This value does not vanish with the feeling in the soul any more than it arose with it. What is really truth neither arises nor passes away. It has a significance that cannot be destroyed. This is not contradicted by the fact that certain human truths have a value that is transitory inasmuch as they are recognized after a certain period as partial or complete errors. Man must say to himself that truth after all exists in itself, although his conceptions are only transient forms of manifestation of the eternal truths. Even someone who says, like Lessing, that he contents himself with the eternal striving for truth because the full pure truth can only exist for a god, does not deny the eternity of truth but establishes it by such an utterance. Only what has an eternal significance in itself can call forth an eternal striving for it. Were truth not in itself independent, if it acquired its value and significance through the feelings of the human soul, it could not be the one unique goal for all mankind. By the very fact of our striving for truth, we concede its independent being.

As it is with the true, so is it with the truly good. Moral goodness is independent of inclinations and passions inasmuch as it does not allow itself to be commanded by them but commands them. Likes and dislikes, desire and loathing belong to the personal soul of a man. Duty stands higher than likes and dislikes. Duty may stand so high in the eyes of a man that he will sacrifice his life for its sake. A man stands the higher the more he has ennobled his inclinations, his likes and dislikes, so that without compulsion or subjection they themselves obey what is recognized as duty. The morally good has, like truth, its eternal value in itself and does not receive it from the sentient soul.

By causing the self-existent true and good to come to life in his inner being, man raises himself above the mere sentient soul. An imperishable light is kindled in it. In so far as the soul lives in this light, it is a participant in the eternal and unites its existence with it. What the soul carries within itself of the true and the good is immortal in it. Let us call what shines forth in the soul as eternal, the consciousness soul. We can speak of consciousness even in connection with the lower soul stirrings. The most ordinary everyday sensation is a matter of consciousness. To this extent animals also have consciousness. The kernel of human consciousness, that is, the soul within the soul, is what is here meant by consciousness soul. The consciousness soul is thus distinguished as a member of the soul distinct from the intellectual soul, which is still entangled in the sensations, impulses and passions. Everyone knows how a man at first counts as true what he prefers in his feelings and desires. Only that truth is permanent, however, that has freed itself from all flavor of such sympathy and antipathy of feeling. The truth is true even if all personal feelings revolt against it. That part of the soul in which this truth lives will be called consciousness soul.


Appendix 2:

(Challenge/Times: Lecture VI: "The Innate Capacities of the Nations of the World")

We must not forget that the most important thing of all is the fact that we are living in the age of the consciousness soul development, which occurs in sharply differentiated forms throughout the world.

Let us consider the various impelling forces underlying the civilized world in the light of the most important European differentiations that come to expression through language. I have often brought to your attention the fact that the English-speaking peoples possess the real germinal potentiality for the development of the consciousness soul. It is important that we should see this clearly. This is connected with everything that happens to the world, if we may so express the matter, under the influence of the English-speaking peoples. The English people - I am by no means speaking of individual persons, but of the people - are endowed with all the impelling forces that lead to the consciousness soul. The condition is such that the trend toward the consciousness soul appears instinctively in them in a manner entirely different from that characterizing the rest of humanity. This spiritualized instinct to develop the consciousness soul exists nowhere else in the world as it does among the English people. There it is an instinct, and nowhere else is that so, even among the people of Roman descent who are united with the English-speaking peoples. The people of Roman descent constitute really successors to what actually lived in the fourth post-Atlantean epoch. At that time this Roman people had the instinct for what developed in the fourth post-Atlantean epoch in special degree. Their instincts are no longer elemental in the same way. They have been rationalized, intellectualized and they appear in rhetoric, through the intellect, through the psychic life as a decorative form. They have been removed from the instinctive life. What appears among the Latin people as a folk temperament is altogether different from what appears as a folk temperament among the English people. Among the English people this trend toward the consciousness soul, this striving of the individual person to stand upon his own feet, is an instinct.

In other words, what constitutes the mission of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch is rooted in the English as an instinct, as an impelling force arising instinctively from the soul of the people. Now, their position in the world is connected with this fact. This impulse is dominant within the social structure of the English-speaking peoples. It is decisive, and it can suppress other tendencies. The other tendencies, as you can see from the explanations I have offered, look toward the integration I have given of the social question, that is, the economic impulse and the impulse of spiritual production. If, however, you study the folk character of the English-speaking populations psychologically, you will see that these impulses, the economic and the spiritually productive, are wholly overshadowed by what rises from the instinctive impulse that tends toward the development of the consciousness soul.

For this reason the spheres that must shape the social life of the future take on a special coloring among the English-speaking people. The three spheres must in the future show themselves especially effective in special ways, and they must be decisive. First, politics, which must provide security. Second, the organization of work, purely material work, the economic order. Third is the system of spiritual production, to which I attribute also, as I said to you, jurisprudence and the administration of justice. These three spheres of the social structure are, as a matter of course, overshadowed by what constitutes the primary impulse in the case of any differentiated peoples. The fact that a development toward the consciousness soul works instinctively among the English-speaking people brings it to pass that among them - as history teaches in profusion - politics, one branch, take on the most conspicuous form, and the dominant position. Politics are dominated wholly by the instinctive impulse to set men on their own feet, and to develop the consciousness soul fully [but this is being suppressed; money is overpowering politics -- rm]. The instinctive impulse drives in such a direction - and this is a mere description I am giving, and no criticism. It drives toward the result because it is instinctive and instincts are always rooted in self-seeking. Among the English- speaking peoples self-seeking and political goals simply coincide. It leads to the fact that all politics performed in an utterly naive fashion - and this does not justify attaching any blame to a politician of the English- speaking peoples - can be used by the self- seeking person to fulfill thereby the mission of the English-speaking people. It is only in this way that you will succeed in understanding the real nature of English politics, which are actually the dominant politics of the entire population of the earth. If you observe the matter, you will find that English politics are considered everywhere as ideal - the parliamentary system with its shuffling of majorities and minorities, etc. If you examine the conditions in the various parliaments as these have developed, you will see that British politics have been determinative in the political life. But, as these politics have spread in various places among differently constituted peoples, they could no longer remain the same because they are rooted, and rightly, in the self-seeking and egoism that inevitably clings to everything of an instinctive nature.

It is this that renders understanding so difficult when people try to grasp the nature of English or American politics. The nuance, which it is absolutely necessary to set clearly, is not clear at all. This is the fact that these politics must be self-seeking, and must rest upon impulses of a self-seeking character. Because of their special nature, they must rest upon self-seeking impulses. Thus, they will look upon these self-seeking impulses as something to be taken for granted, as the right and moral thing. No objection can be raised here. This is not to be attacked with criticism, but to be recognized as a necessity in world history, even a cosmic necessity. Neither can this statement be refuted, for the simple reason that anyone who undertakes to oppose it as a member of the English people will always find himself on a false path. On the basis of moral considerations, which have nothing to do with the matter, he will deny that the politics of the English people are self-seeking, but moral considerations have nothing to do with this. English politics will achieve what they bring about precisely by reason of this instinctive character.

So, since the epoch of the consciousness soul is at the same time the epoch of intellectuality, the German who is to bring the consciousness soul in any way into activity within himself must become an intellectual person. Thus, the German has sought his relationship to the consciousness soul primarily by way of intellectuality, not by way of the instinctive life. Therefore the tasks of the German people have been attained only by those who have taken in hand in a certain way their own self- education. The persons of mere instinct remain untouched by this inner activating of the consciousness soul and remain behind in a certain sense.

This is likewise the reason why the British people are endowed instinctively from the start for politics, whereas the Germans are a non- political people . . . .


Appendix 3

(The Fundamental Social Demand of Our Times; LECTURE 5; 21st December, 1918; Dornach; GA186)

. . . . our age is characterized especially by the development of intellectuality, and that in the Western - especially the English-speaking - peoples, this intellectuality comes to expression in such a way that it acts, as it were, instinctively. Whereas in the Middle peoples, intellect does not work instinctively - in fact, to begin with, it is not innate in them at all; they must acquire it by education. This, we showed, is a very significant difference between the peoples of the West and of the Middle. Thereafter we pointed to the peoples of the East and we said: There, the evolution of intellect comes to expression in such a way that, to begin with, the Eastern peoples actually recoil from it. They are loath to awaken this intellectuality to life within them; they want to preserve it for the knowledge of the Spirit-Self in the future."


(Fundamental Social: Lecture 3: "The Metamorphosis of Intelligence"; 15th December, 1918; Dornach; GA186)

Within the English-speaking population the Intelligence is instinctive. It works instinctively. It is a new instinct that has arisen in the evolution of mankind; the instinct to think intelligently. The very thing the spiritual soul will have to educate, the Intelligence, is practiced instinctively by the English-speaking people. The English people has a native talent for the instinctive exercise of the intelligence. . . .

Within the English-speaking population the Intelligence is instinctive. It works instinctively. It is a new instinct that has arisen in the evolution of mankind; the instinct to think intelligently. The very thing the spiritual soul will have to educate, the Intelligence, is practiced instinctively by the English-speaking people. The English people has a native talent for the instinctive exercise of the intelligence.

In England and America the intelligence is instinctive. It has all the qualities of an instinct.

All that proceeds from the culture of the muscles works strongly even into the head. Hence the instinctive quality of their intelligence. Hence too it is there that we find the origin of muscular culture in the modern sense-games, sports, athletics and so forth. . . . In the English-speaking people the abdomen fumes up into the head - but not only so, the head reacts in turn upon the power body and directs it.


Appendix 4

(Sound Outlook; Lecture VI: "Problems of the Time (I)"; 30th July, 1918; Berlin; GA181)

. . . . the Luciferic severance from the spiritual came especially to expression under the cover of Orthodox Christianity of the East, so the Ahrimanic fear, the holding back from the spiritual, makes itself felt especially in the culture of the West, and particularly in the element of American civilization.

Such truths may be unpalatable today, but they are truths nevertheless, and we get very little farther by generalizing - however mystically or theosophically - about the connection of the human with the Divine, or whatever it may be called. We can progress only by recognizing the reality as it is. We can reduce our chaos to order only if we recognize the true characteristics of the different currents running side-by-side. These various currents, springing from their several assumptions, spread out locally, and so everything is confused in the hodgepodge called "modern civilization". What I am now speaking of as "Americanism" (as collective concept, not applying to individual Americans), is fear of the spiritual, the longing to live only on the physical plane, or at most in what improves into that plane as course Spiritualism and such-like, which is not in the real sense, spiritual at all. The mark of Americanism is fear of the spiritual; it is by no means confined to America, but there it lives as a social characteristic, not simply a human one.

These two currents of thought, Americanism and Jesuitism, play into one another, as it were. This is not something to take casually; and all such matters we must look for the deeper impulses which are active in human evolution. If we try to identify the forces which have brought about the present catastrophe, we shall find it remarkable cooperation between Americanism - in a sense here given - and Jesuitism. And from a wider point of view we see, on the one hand, how the inheritance from earlier times still influences our mental life, and on the other, the advent of something new. If we specify these two impulses as the Luciferic and Ahrimanic, we describe precisely the opposition towards that which must be introduced into the development of mankind for its salvation as true spiritual life.

Had we not so much conventionalism and Americanism amongst us, we should discern that German Goetheanism and Americanism are two opposite poles, and we should know that to regard these two currents of the present day with an unprejudiced mind is the only correct attitude to maintain.

Then we should abjure the apotheosis of Americanism in which we have so long and old son [scanning error; sic?], and perceive that this particular element will become more and more active is a real, deep-seeded evil, because fear of the Spiritual is its main characteristic. . . . especially evil element arising from Americanism.

. . . . what I call Americanism, which tends to produce greater and greater fear of the spirit, making the world a mere opportunity for living in the physical.

It is quite different when Britain wants to make the world into a kind of commercial mart. Americanism would make it a physical dwelling equipped with all possible comfort, in which man can lead and agreeable and wealthy life. That is the political creed of Americanism, and whoever does not detect it is blind to the facts and merely shuts his eyes and ears. Man's connection with the Spiritualist [sic? "Spiritual is"?] bound to die out under such an influence. In these forces of Americanism lies what must actually bring the earth to them end, destruction dooming it at last to death , because the Spirit will be shut out from it.


(Sound Outlook; Lecture VII: "Problems of the Time (II)"; 6th August, 1918; Berlin; GA181)

[Goethe] was not understood, for he looked on the supersensible, the imperishable, as though it were perceptible to the senses. Thus the urgent need of our time is that Goethe's teaching should be more widely developed and further elaborated in its own sphere. Then things will become clearer, and we shall see that the particular creeds, whether Jewish, or more particularly the Catholic, are only the presuppositions of what is old and outworn, standing out in evolution as parched remnants, supported only from outside; and that side-by- side with these, interpenetrating them, stands Americanism, which wishes to carry the transient into the future. Therein lies the kinship between Americanism and Jesuitism, of which I spoke last time. Standing in opposition to all this is Goetheanism.


Appendix 5

(Mysteries of Light; Lecture III: "Historical Occurrences of the Last Century"; 14th December, 1919; Dornach; GA194)

. . . . the actual victor is Anglo-Americanism; and this Anglo-Americanism, through the forces which I have publicly characterized here is destined for world-dominion. Now we can ask: Since the German people will be excluded from sharing the things by means of which the external world will be ruled in the future, what really happens in that case? The responsibility - not that of the individual, naturally - the people's responsibility for events concerning the whole of human society ceases. Not that of the individual, but the people's responsibility ceases among those who are down-trodden - for they are that. The responsibility ends, and it becomes all the greater on the other side; that is where the actual responsibility will rest. The outer dominion will be easily won; it is won by means of forces for which the victors can take no credit. The external passing over of the external dominion is accomplished as the final natural necessity; but the responsibility will be something of deep significance for souls. For the question is already written down in humanity's book of destiny: Will there be found among those upon whom the external dominion devolves as by an external necessity, a sufficiently great number of people who feel the responsibility, so that into this external, materialistic dominion, into this culmination of materialistic dominion, may be transplanted the impulses of the spiritual life? And that must not happen too slowly! The middle of this century will be a very significant point of time. The whole weight of the responsibility should be felt, if one is chosen, as it were by outer natural destiny, to enter upon the dominion of materialism in the external world, - for that is what it will be. For this dominion of materialism bears within it at the same time the seed of destruction. The destruction which has begun will not cease; and "entering upon external dominion" means taking over the forces of destruction, the forces of human illness, and living in them. That which will bear humanity into the future will come forth from the new seed of the spirit, and will have to be fostered. Therefore, the responsibility rests directly upon that side to which falls world- dominion.


Appendix 6

For instance, Mark Dice has proven time and again that the average people (in the USA) are so mentally passive that they will sign practically any petition that is put in front of them. See, as an example:
Another for-instance: Dave Hodges writes a fairly popular Internet blog (The Common Sense Show). He has almost given up on the public:

"People often ask me, 'Dave, how do we turn this around and defeat the globalists'? I frequently tell them that there is no turning this around. I have an attorney who is continually writing to me and stating that we need to teach the people the Constitution. 'Mr. lawyer, our people cannot even read the Constitution, much less understand it'.

"The parents and grandparents have lost this country to a group of vicious and sociopathic bankers because for 3 generations, Americans have failed to turn off their TV sets and allowed the state to educate their children."

Tramatization is apparently a component of the mass mind-control:

". . . . cloaked revelation seems to be, in many cases, a component of the traumatisation process. What better way, after all, to disempower and demoralize the American people than through an unspoken acknowledgment that the enemy is within, and can act with impunity?" "Revelation of the Method & Trauma programming"

"Revelation of the Method concerns mind-control in the last stages and at a high level. When you tell someone what you are doing to them - murder, mayhem, kidnap, rape, you name it - and they do nothing to stop you or protect themselves, you have created a doubly enslaved subject."

-- This is a huge subject, and these are only a few examples. Much has been said about it; one can simply google around.


Appendix 7

HRM [Hira Ratan Manek] Process

In the year 1962 Mother Mira of Pondicherry Ashram in India suggested to HRM that it was time to bring sungazing to the modern world. HRM then read widely and deeply for thirty long years on the sungazing practices of ancient times, which were once common all over the world with all almost all cultures and religions. Over a three year period of continual and intense experimentation on himself, he successfully established a safe sungazing practice which he is now preaching and teaching to humanity in dozens of countries worldwide. This method is now accepted as a popular health practice known as the phenomenon of HRM sungazing.

The HRM method of safe sungazing can be practiced by any one. It can be practiced anywhere in the world and all over the year in safe times. There are no restrictions. A person can continue his present life style, simply add sungazing, and practice it whenever possible. If one practices safe sungazing with faith and confidence, free from doubts and with the proper understanding, one gets perfect health for mind body and spirit.

The practitioner of safe sungazing, can also add to his practice (1) safe sun warming of the body, (2) drinking and using sun charged water, and (3) walking barefoot on bare earth with a good thick layer of warm soil/sand/dirt that is free from grass, in order to heal the body.

Encouraged by the successful results many more all over the world are practicing the HRM method of Sungazing and thousands all over the world are getting the benefits. Because of the feedback from practitioners the HRM method has been further simplified so that anyone can get benefits without any cost and also be free from the guidance of master or guru.

If one is regular with their practice, then benefits will come quickly; if not then the person benefits little or later. Whether a person is regular or irregular in their sungazing practice they will get some benefits. Success is never denied. It is only delayed for those practicing at intervals and with breaks in an irregular way. Everyone is successful to some degree in this practice.

Very little mind is in the body but the whole body is in the mind. To treat any problem we have to energize not only the physical body but also all of our bodies (mind, body, spirit). Without doing this, we can never completely resolve our health fully. In our brain is a super computer that HRM calls the "brainutor". Nature has coded inside the brain infinite powers which are largely dormant, and if invoked or awakened we heal by ourselves. That's why sungazing becomes very important. The brain becomes more powerful or energetic only through safe sungazing. The brain has countless neurons and these are important for the efficiency of the brain. With safe sungazing the neurons increase in number and become healthier, and that takes care of human health. The simple key to health is to see that we have not only more neurons, but also totally healthy neurons. It is only through the eyes that the light from the sun reaches the brain and creates beneficial effects in the brain.

In general, much of humanity is afraid of sun to some degree. We have believed that looking at the sun or doing sungazing harms the eyes but that is a wrong belief. Safe sun never harms the eyes and, on the contrary, it makes eyes healthier. The sungazing practices of the Egyptian, Mayan, and Incan priests and priestesses, as well as others, serve to remind us of this truth.

We have all looked at sunrises and sunsets for long periods with no harm. In the same way, if we start practicing safe sungazing in the hour of sunrise hour or the hour of sunset we will get expanded health for mind, body and spirit.

Safe sungazing is a must for better health and to alleviation of health problems. When safe sungazing is added with sun warming of the body, drinking sun charged water and walking barefoot on bare earth, one easily gets cost free health and the presence of a master or a guru is not at all required. One has to understand the practice and start practicing.

Some Practical Observations on Sungazing

Sungazing is best suited to warmer climates, but it can and has been done in more Northern locals such as Canada, and Finland. Literally thousands of people across the globe are using this method to achieve greater health on all levels. Some experience more benefits than others based upon multiple factors such as local, access to sand/dirt/clear view of the sky, and the amount of time devoted to practice. However, more often than not, it is those that sungaze with a positive attitude, an open heart and mind, patience while practicing, and adherence to doing it slow and steady that experience the most benefits and continual benefits.

Many people experience a reduction in their appetite/less hunger, and/or more joy in their lives after sungazing. Some are able to subsist more and more on light as they expand their practice of sungazing, from days, weeks, or even months at a time without eating regular food and/or no food. This is but one reason why some people sungaze. Most people, however, sungaze for the sheer joy of it, the increased eye strength/health, the greater tolerance to light, the lessening of stress, and alleviation of multiple physical ailments so common in our modern day world.

This methodology is simply the rebirth of a science that was commonly practiced by the priests, priestesses, and shamans/cuanderos of long ago. In ancient times, it was a universal spiritual practice. Now it has become a fusion of the ancient spiritual practice as well as a modern scientific practice. Anyone can follow the HRM sungazing method as described below.

Safe Sungazing Practice

Sungazing is a one-time practice of your lifetime usually for a period of 9 months. You can break up the practice in three phases. 0 to 3months, 3-6months and 6- 9months. You have to walk barefoot for 45 minutes for the rest of your life. Food makes us commit the maximum pain to others and exploit others. The practice entails looking at the rising or setting sun one time per day only during the safe hours. No harm will come to your eyes during the morning and evening safe hours. The safe hours are anytime within 1-hour window after sunrise or anytime within the 1-hr window before sunset. It is scientifically proven beyond a reasonable doubt that during these times, one is free from UV and IR rays exposure, which is harmful to your eyes. To determine the timings of sunrise or sunset, you can check the local newspaper, which also lists the UV Index as 0 during these times. Both times are good for practice - it depends on individual's convenience. Sungazing also has the added advantage of getting vitamin A and D during the 1-hour safe period window. Vitamin A is necessary for the health of the eye, the only vitamin that the eye requires. If you sun gaze, the spectacles and the associated power in the eye will go away and this will provide better eyesight without glasses.

For those who cannot initially sungaze during the safe periods, sunbathing is an effective method for receiving the sun energy at a slower pace until one is able to sungaze. Best times to take sunbath is when the UV index is lower 2 or below. This usually occurs within the 2-hour window after sunrise or before sunset. Sun bathing during the day is to be avoided, except for during the winter months, when the UV index usually remains at 2 all throughout which is safe for sunbathing. Ccheck [sic] your local newspaper to see the published results for UV Index to be sure. Also do not use sunscreen. When body gets heated up you perspire and sweat is a waste product and needs to go out of the body. When you are painted or coated with lotions and creams -- they get degenerated and the chemicals enter your body. It is our malpractice -our wrong use- why we blame the sun for skin cancers.

0 - 3 Months

First day, during the safe hours, look for a maximum of 10 seconds. Second day look for 20 seconds at the rising sun adding ten seconds every succeeding day. So at the end of 10 continuous days of sun gazing you will be looking at the sun for 100 seconds i.e. 1 minute and 40 seconds. Stand on bare earth with bare foot. Eyes can blink and/or flicker. Stillness or Steadiness [sic] of the eyes is not required. Do not where any lenses or glasses while sungazing.

Why don't you watch the sun instead of the TV? The intensity of the TV is much more than the rising or setting of the sun. If you can watch TV at close ranges for extended periods of time, you can easily watch the rising or setting sun safely. Have a belief that the sunrays or lights that you are getting into your eyes are of immense benefit and will not harm you. This will give you earlier, quicker and better results. Even without a belief component also you will get the results provided that you follow the practice, however, it will take longer time. On the other hand, you need not restrict any of your normal daily routines. There are no restrictions. You can enjoy your food while applying this practice. Hunger will disappear eventually by itself.

You may consider gazing from the same place at the same time daily. Following circadian patterns has its advantages. If you pray, you can have any prayer of your choice. No particular one is suggested and it is not a requirement. As a precaution, have your eyes examined by a doctor. This is to err on the side of caution from a scientific standpoint. Also, you should have periodic check ups. Additionally, you can buy photo sun-cards to monitor UV and IR radiation, which are priced at about $2. (when cards are kept in the sunlight). There is no need to buy an expensive $500 photosensometer. If your cheeks get heated up then stop gazing. Use common sense.

When you reach three months you will have gazed at the sun 15 minutes at a stretch. If you can watch TV for 3 hours, surely you can see the sun for that long. What is happening as you go up to 15 minutes? The sun energy or the sunrays passing through the human eye are charging the hypothalamus tract, which is the pathway behind the retina leading to the human brain. As the brain receives the power supply through this pathway, it is activated into a brainutor. One of the software programs inherent in the brain will start running and we will begin to realize the changes since we will have no mental tension or worries. Besides, we will have the self- confidence to face life problems by means of developing a positive mindset instead of a negative one. Moreover, we will become fearless since our psychosis will have disappeared so will have all the ills of the mind. This is the first phase of the method and lasts around 3 months.

Humans have good and bad qualities, which are 2 sides of the same coin. In the absence of the sunlight we develop bad qualities. When sunlight enters the brain, good qualities come into appearance replacing bad ones. Eventually, even spiritual ignorance goes away. Sometimes, you get confused from what you hear and read. You get contradictory information such as red wine is good for you and alcohol is bad for you. You are baffled with life's problems and detest decision-making. But after 3 months of sun gazing, you develop a sense of confidence and know the answers for yourself spiritually. There is a balance of the mind, where you are in a position to judge personal answers - the correct answers. You develop powers that are already inherent in you. Bad qualities disappear, anger, greed, jealousy leave you. You become a lovable creature. Everybody likes you. You will do no wrong. If you are positive or fearless, you will not harm anybody nor pain anybody. You will become a compassionate person. This is a great contribution to world peace. A positive approach creates solutions to problems and waste in society. There will be no need for environmental engineers. We won't throw waste, as there is no away. By 3.5 months everything changes.

Besides, mental depression will go away. Psychiatrists are observing that sadness is caused by lack of sunlight. With the practice of sungazing you will not have depression in your whole lifetime. You will achieve a perfect balance of mind. Fear of death will go away. The state of mind is such that you will welcome death. What is to happen, you will be able to let it happen. There will be no worries. Everyone has some sort of mental disorder, which is the biggest human problem, which can be removed by the proper use of sunlight.

3 - 6 Months

Next, Physical diseases will start being cured. 70 to 80% of the energy synthesized from food is taken by the brain and is used up in fueling tensions and worries. With a lack of mental tension, brain does not require the same amount of energy as before. As you proceed in sun gazing and as your tensions decrease the need for food intake will go down.

When you reach 30 minutes duration of continuously looking at sun, you will slowly be liberated from physical disease since by then all the colors of the sun will have reached the brain through the eye. Brain regulates the flow of color prana appropriately to the respective organs. All the internal organs get ample supply of the required color prana. The vital organs are dependent on certain sun color prana. Kidney red, Heart yellow, Liver green etc. Colors reach the organs and address any deficiencies. This is how color therapies work - -Reiki and Pranic Healing. There is a lot of information available on color therapy. This is the process of getting liberated from physical ailments over a six-month period. After 3-4 months you can become cured of your physical ailments with autosuggestion, which is imagining and visualizing healing your ailments while gazing at the sun. Scientific methods such as the Solariums, crystals, color bottles, natural stones, gems, all utilize sun energy, which is stored in these natural stones. You can keep natural color stones in drinking water to further hasten healing.

In solariums there is usually a platform at the height of 100 feet where each of the 7 glass cabinets is constructed for each of the VIBGYOR colors. This platform revolves around the sun whole day and according to the nature of the disease diagnosed, the patient is placed in the appropriate color for healing. Similarly, glass drinking water bottles with different colors are kept in sun for 8 hours. The water gets solarized and water develops medicinal value and is used to treat different diseases.

Photosynthesis, which we misunderstand, does not in fact need chlorophyll. Only the plant kingdom needs chlorophyll. Human body can do it with a different medium. Photosynthesis is transforming the sun energy into a usable energy format. This is how Photovoltaic cells work and electricity is produced, similarly water is heated, food is cooked in solar cooker, and solar batteries run automobiles.

Eyes receive the entire spectrum of the sunlight, which is distributed to the different parts of the body by the brain on a need per basis. As a result, you are cured from all diseases. A 3rd intermediate medium is avoided. As you continue gazing at the sun, energy is no longer being used up for mental impairments or physical ailments; thus its storage level increases in your body. You are your own master within 6 months.

6 - 9 Months

In 6-months time you will start to have the original form of micro food, which is our sun. Additionally, this can avoid the toxic waste that you take into your body while you eat regular food.

7.5 months and 35 min of sun gazing is when hunger starts going down palpably. Need for food intake decreases. No one needs to eat more than his or her hunger levels. Hunger comes because of energy requirements of the body, which is a must for its existence. Food is not a necessity for the body to function, only energy is. Conventionally, you are indirectly getting the sun energy while eating food, which is a by-product of sun energy. If there is no sunlight, no food will grow.

Therefore, as you consume the original form of food, hunger goes down starting to disappear eventually. By eight months, you should see hunger almost gone. For a dull or weak student or with no belief, this time period may be 9 months or 44 minutes. After that time, hunger disappears forever. All mechanisms associated with hunger like aroma, cravings, and hunger pangs also disappear. Moreover, energy levels are at a higher level. There is a judgment (having had this experience) that the brain is well activated with the sun energy. Welldone, you have become a solar cooker.

After 9 Months

After nine months or when you reach to a 44 minutes level, you should give up sun gazing since solar science prohibits further gazing for the sake of eye care. The body will get discharged when you stop practicing, which has to be recharged. Now you have to start walking on bare foot on bare earth for 45 minutes daily for a total of 6 days. Relaxed walking only. No need to walk briskly, jog or run. Any convenient time of the day is all right, however it is preferred to do that when the earth is warmer and the sunlight is falling on your body. When you walk bare foot, an important gland in the brain's center called the pineal gland or the third eye is activated. The big toe of the foot represents this gland. 25 years ago it was considered a useless gland. Now it has become an important gland for study and up to now, about 18,000 papers have been published about it. It has always been known as the Seat of the soul. The Pineal gland has optic nerve endings. The remaining four toes represent glands too -- pituitary, hypothalamus, thalamus and amygdala. Amygdala for the last 2 years has been gaining importance in medical research. It's a nucleus of the sun or cosmic energy and plays an important role in the photosynthesis via the sunlight reaching the brain through the eye. When you walk bare foot, your body weight stimulates all these 5 glands through your toes. This is strengthened by the earth heat/energy and the sun prana falling on the head or the crown chakra. The chakras are not in the spinal cord that is an imaginary location; they are definitely in the brain. All these create a magnetic field and the body/brain recharges with the energy of the sun entering in you. Relax. Walk 45 minutes for one year and food continues to be away from you. After one year of recharging, if you are satisfied with your progress you can give up barefoot walking. Few minutes of sun energy falling on you once in 3-4 days will be enough from then on.

But if you want the immune system to strengthen, then keep on the bare foot walking. Also if you want memory power or intelligence to increase, continue the walking practice. As you increase the sun's heat on your feet the brain will activate more and more, which will result in the more activity of the Pineal gland. The Pineal gland has certain psychic and navigational functions. Navigational means one can fly like the birds. You can develop psychic skills of telepathy, television and have your body at different places simultaneously. Science has validated human psychic functions and medical experiments are being done to ascertain this. Different body parts and its organs get purified once you stop eating due to detoxification. The different internal organs play different mechanical parts for the purposes of space travel and flight. There is another utility value (other than food digestion) for the internal organs. All the glands have a lot of functions and can perform at optimal level via sun energy. If you are fortunate to activate the brain optimally you surely will reach enlightenment. You can read past, present, and future. This method can be safely applied to control obesity. Almost all problems get solved.

Historically, a lot of people have remained without food. Accordingly in 1922, the Imperial Medical College in London decreed that solar rays were the ideal food for humans. However, no one has mentioned what their technique was-- For e.g. Yogananda in his book 'autobiography of yogi' interviewed many saints and mystics to find out the secret of their lack of eating food. common [sic] reply was that the sun energy entered through a secret door and reached the medulla oblongata in the brain. They did not divulge their secret. This knowledge was lost to common folk at the time.

(Copyright (c) 2003 Solar Healing Center. All Rights Reserved.) (See "Solar Healing Center" on the WWW.)


Appendix 8

("The Sun-Mystery in the Course of Human History"; Lecture: 6th November, 1921; Dornach; GA208)

(Cosmic Christianity; Lecture VI; 27th August, 1924; GA240)

("Cosmic Christianity and the Impulse of Michael")

(Esoteric Lessons; Part III; Stuttgart, 18th May, 1913; GA266)


Appendix 9

My process:

It was a long one; it took months and months. I had known about Bondarev's "sevenfold dialectic" for years, and I had already made some attempts at it. But I knew that I had surely not mastered it, and in general I was still trying to learn how to think; that was the goal that I had set for myself in the remainder of this incarnation. After my previous attempts, I was casting about for another question on which to apply this process. I don't recall exactly how I settled upon the question of the mass Consciousness Soul. I had already realized years ago that the mass Consciousness Soul was failing, that she was not coming to expression in the socio-political realm as Steiner said she would in this cultural age. I saw that there were, and are, some hopeful signs, but that the overall picture of the current political situation is dismal. I had been paying attention somewhat to the ambient talk, and I was aware of the wide discussion of this failure (not usually expressed in Anthroposophical terms) and of the usual exposés of the manipulations of the power elites. And I was aware of how some of these exposés delve into the occultic, into the secret societies, the mass rituals, and so on. I was further somewhat aware of the relevant Anthroposophical background to these dark occultisms, from Steiner of course, and also especially from Bondarev, as well as some other writers.

So, this question had been stewing in my mind for some time, and somehow I came to settle upon it as the subject for my next (present) attempt at 7fold thinking. But it is a hard problem; if it could be solved easily, it would have already been solved by others. I readily saw the contradiction between what "should" be happening -- as given by Steiner, about the emergence of the "instinctive" Consciousness Soul -- and what is actually happening in the socio-political realm. I also readily saw that the attempts already being made to remedy the situation are not enough; something more is needed. But what? I was hoping that an answer would come from a "higher realm", from a better mode of thinking.

I decided to take on the problem, but I was stymied. I was floundering and stumped for months and months. First, I considered that the Gods must have a good, deep reason for allowing the suppression of the mass Consciousness Soul, and I pictured a meeting of Initiates in the presence of the Gods. I thought that karma must allow this suppression, perhaps as a "punishment" for mass "sins", etc. "You can't cheat an honest man"' etc. (Is that true if the man is simple-minded?) So: the cure is to find the sin and eliminate it. Somehow, get the people to stop sinning . . . . Good luck with that.

Then I thought: I can work on the inner planes to heal the mass Consciousness Soul. Steiner tells us that the student must come to the realization that work on the inner planes is at least as important as work on the physical plane. So: my meditation is at least as important as my writing . . . or whatever it is that I do in the "world" . . . ?

I kept running up against the problem: the awakening of the mass Consciousness Soul can't be brought about by any effort of a few Anthros to "educate" the People; it could only be brought about by something that is powerful, elemental, accessible to the masses. "Education" is already being done, and it's not enough. The Churches preach and work against "sin". I'm already meditating, and so are plenty of others. It's not sufficient to solve the problem.

Then I considered that even Steiner himself, with his best efforts, could not bring about the threefolding of the social order in Central Europe after the First World War; if even Steiner could be defeated by mass socio- political problems, then what chance do "we" have now? Then I went back to the observation that ordinary consciousness cannot solve this problem; the solution could come only from some kind of "higher" consciousness. I recalled that Steiner said that the first influx from the Spirit comes to man in "fantasy" [Phantasie], and I connected this idea with Bondarev's "beholding". I prayed for help with thinking and mental picturing. I did get mental pictures, but they didn't seem to give me a solution to the problem.

For instance, I got pictures pointing to the history of the American Revolution: the British provoked the colonists to outright rebellion, but I judged that the general dissatisfaction could have turned into a (successful) rebellion only because events were guided that way by secret societies working in politics. I thus ran up against the thought that organized mass movements can come about only through the power of organization of political power groups; in this case I could see no real hope of a power group organizing a successful mass movement against the prevailing power groups; that would take a lot of money and influence, which is mostly on the other side.

I was still stymied, but I kept at it. I got a picture/understanding that the mass public needs to see the bigger picture, of hidden causes behind the putative causes that are presented to the public. In other words, the public needed to "see" with a higher consciousness, but in order to get to that higher consciousness they would first need a higher consciousness: an impossible "catch-22". Then, more pictures, leading to the thought that the mass subconscious needed to be made conscious, as in psychotherapy. Then the thought that consciousness in principle is awakened by pain; but then again, the thought that people have had plenty of pain, especially in the 20th Century, but still there has been no mass expansion of consciousness in the political realm. Then more: I had the recollection (from Steiner?) that the American "national spirit" was in fact working against progressive evolution. -- I was getting nowhere toward a solution; if anything, I was going backwards.

I was still floundering. I wondered if maybe the dead could be enlisted to help with this socio-political problem. I was trying to have faith that the Gods would give us, me especially, what we need; we need only pay attention. And I kept considering and reconsidering in many ways, but I was just going in circles. The mass public is "conned"; they trust the wrong people. Etc., etc. I even had the thought that the Being of the Consciousness Soul might be even more puzzled by Her failure in the mass than "we" (I) are (am). -- I tried many thoughts and approaches, but none seemed to lead to a breakthrough toward a solution.

This went on for months. At last I got the mental picture of a feminine figure, which I took to be the Consciousness Soul, with a masculine figure in an attitude of prayerful reverence toward Her. And I recalled that Steiner had said that reverence is the educator of the Consciousness Soul in Man. And then I considered that people in the mass really do crave something to revere; as is shown by the popular cult of celebrity. The problem is, such reverence is misdirected, and purposefully so. I thought about how reverence manifests in the mass mind, and went around with this thought for a while.

Finally, I somehow latched onto the idea of sungazing. I think that I ran across some info on the "HRM" method
 I had run across this info years before, but it had seemed to me that it could be put into practice only in a warm climate, and only by people who had the leisure and opportunity to gaze at the rising Sun. And so I had put the idea aside. But now, something "fell into place" in my mind; I saw the connection to my present problem. Many years earlier I had done a little sungazing; I had found the "Bates method" of improving eyesight, and I had tried (once) the Sun meditation given by Paul Brunton. I was nearsighted, and I wore corrective lenses. I worked with the Bates method and the like enough to get to the point that I no longer needed glasses in the daylight, and I have gotten many unrestricted driver's licenses since. (I still wear eyeglasses when driving a night, for safety's sake.) I knew from experience that the eyes can take in more sunlight than is generally supposed, and I was not afraid to look at the Sun when it is gentle. But I got "floaters" in my eyes, and I left off sungazing, and pretty much forgot about it. As long as I didn't need glasses, I was satisfied with my eyesight, and I went on to other meditative practices.

But now I saw the connection to my problem. I resumed sungazing, which I did mainly with the high Sun through closed eyelids. And I reconfirmed from experience how healthful the practice is, and how it heals the heart/soul and inspires real reverence. And I understood how simple the practice is, how good it feels, and I decided that this could be the solution to my original problem. This had to be the breakthrough that I was looking for.

-- At some point I realized, to some degree, why I had not personally had much feeling or reverence. I really had never understood reverence; I had a picture of reverence of a feeling that is somehow morbid and submissive, that is an obligation to a superior power. But from experiencing the Sun, I got the understanding that real reverence is not sickly and self-abasing at all; it is joyful, happy, and expansive. One feels good and blissful, and one naturally feels grateful to the Source of one's happiness. One realizes that one is "little", in the spiritual sense of the word, but one does not thereby become self-abasing. One can feel acceptance and respect for oneself, and at the same time feel more respect and admiration for That which is "higher". If one is unhappy, then the idea of reverence seems morbid; unhappiness naturally seeks someone to blame, and, "logically", the Source ultimately gets the blame. But real happiness changes everything, and in the experiencing of the Sun in His loving manifestation one has a direct experience of happiness flowing from an "outside" Source. And then one as a matter of course feels gratitude and reverence toward this Source. This is a natural outcome of the influx of joy; it is not a wallowing in one's own failures and shortcomings.

So: I got the idea that reverence in the mass public might awaken the mass Consciousness Soul. Then I discovered, or re-discovered for myself, that reverence naturally comes from the experiencing of the Sun. And I "got" that the Sun is healthful, cheap, available, etc. -- exactly the right antidote to the mass poisoning of the body and soul to which the public is subjected. It all came together. This must, finally, be the solution to my problem.

It remained to "write it up" in a way (hopefully) that makes sense. That took more time. I had trouble sifting through the "material" that I had gathered; I got citations confused; etc. Altogether, the process took at least half a year. Why so long? -- It seems that all my attempts at 7fold thinking take a long time. I suppose I'm just slow . . . .


Appendix 10

("Bates was right! Research Confirms Sunning is beneficial!" By Edward C. Kondrot, MD, MD[H], CCH, DHt)

Nothing until now was more controversial than his technique called sunning. Bates believed that the eyes benefited by sunlight and one could look directly at the sun (with closed eyelids) or at the brightest light without injury or discomfort.

Bates cautioned that , just like one should not run a marathon with out training. one should not look directly at the sun with out training. Bates suggested exposing the white part or sclera to direct sunlight for a few seconds and he taught exposing the direct sun on closed eyelids.

. . . . Light therapy in the form of sunning that was advocated by Dr William Bates a hundred years ago just might be a key to the prevention and treatment of macular degeneration.


Appendix 11

(from Paul Brunton's The Wisdom of the Overself):

A Meditation on the Sun. The course of higher practices is usually begun with a preparatory exercise which is at the same time of such a character that it may be continued alongside of the others and even after the most advanced stage has been attained. It is particularly valuable to beginners, whether in ordinary mysticism or on the ultimate path, because it helps on the one hand to purify their self- centred attitude and on the other hand to bring about a descent of grace from the Overself. The practice is extremely simple, even disarmingly so, but those who estimate its value by its simplicity will greatly err. It is really a humble invocation and worshipful salutation of that supreme power which has manifested as this universe. Theoretically, it is a recognition of man's fundamental oneness with Nature, his inescapable kinship with the cosmos, his sharing of a common life. Practically, it is a communion with Nature at her most significant symbolic and glorious point, the sun. Therefore this exercise is connected with the sun's appearance and disappearance from the sky. For light, when traced to its true source, is nothing else than the first energy emanated by God, the World- Mind, and consequently the first state of so- called matter.

The student may begin by resolving to rise from sleep before daybreak in time to watch the sky's transformation from the darkness of night. In ancient times those engaged on this quest of the Overself in non-European and Oriental countries were usually forbidden to remain asleep at this period. The regulations of the Mystery-schools of initiation required them to be found in the midst of performing this exercise when the sun was half-risen above the horizon. But it is more difficult to keep such a rule in our grey Northern climes and still more difficult in our high-pressure modern civilization. Therefore it will suffice for those unable to do so if they will practise this meditation it [sic] sunset instead, to watch the opposite process take place. One of the worst defects of modern Civilization is that it tends to divorce man from Nature. Western man especially does not know what he is missing when he misses devoting a few minutes to catch the calm blessing of dawn or the beautiful peace of sunset. For he then possesses an opportunity to profit by Nature's secret operations because certain mystical forces are available to assist communion with her. These two periods are neutral points in the inner movement of our solar system, whose hidden activity then turns back and starts in a reverse direction. During them there is a profound pause on the part of Nature wherein the transcendental forces have the freest and fullest play. The precise times when he may come into contact with these sublime forces are (a) in the morning between the time when starlight begins to wane until the time when the sun has just risen; (b) in the evening between the time when sunlight begins to wane and the stars have just appeared. When the sun's first greeting arrives on earth or when the purple shadows of twilight surround the globe, or at both times, man may come into a closer harmony with Nature than is ordinarily possible, except at new moon, full moon and eclipse days, which are always very favourable to the successful consummation of yoga practice. But in any case whoever undertakes this exercise must repeat it daily until he completes the annual solar cycle if he wishes to become perfect in its practice and to obtain its full results. Not before 365 days have passed can this stage be reached.

The first practical essential of this exercise is to sit in an unobserved place either outdoors or indoors facing directly east in the morning or directly west in the evening. If the student is practising indoors then he must take up a position at a window which will enable him to see the sun. If, as often happens in Europe and America, the sun itself is obscured by clouds or mist, the exercise may be practised in just the same way and the eyes kept upon the growing or fading light in the sky in the same easterly or westerly direction where the sun would be found were it visible. The squatting posture which is permissible in ordinary yoga is to be avoided here. This is because such a limb-locked posture helps to kindle its practiser's own forces through his own will-power whereas here the object is to become the passive recipient of super-personal forces. The cross-legged hand- folded posture closes the magnetic circuit whereas the one required here keeps it open and receptive. He must sit in the style depicted in certain ancient Egyptian statues, that is resting on 3 [sic?] seat, the legs uncrossed and slightly apart, the hands also unfolded and resting on the thighs just above the knees.

Thus he fixes his gaze upon the rising or setting sun or the coloured sky. All other thoughts should be put away at first and his whole attention concentrated upon the physical phenomenon which he is witnessing. The rays of light must enter his body through his eyes. In this way alone do they attain their utmost efficacy for the purpose of this exercise. Such rays when absorbed in this manner and when at their mildest as they are at these hours also possess the latent power to assist the healing of physical disease, to restore wasted strength, to pacify a troubled heart and to disinfect a noxious emotional nature, just as at noonday strength they possess the power to disinfect noxious places and polluted water in the tropics. His emotions will be uplifted and refined as he watches the gradual appearance and shifting play of the sky's colourings. Artists and poets with their superior intuition have often felt this truth that there is a profound inner significance in daybreak and dayfall, although they have not understood it. For they have observed that such a variegated movement of beautiful colours does not occur during the night, when the sky is dark or black, or during the day, when it is usually white or blue or grey.

In the second stage the student tries to partake of the profound inner pause - wherein the entire solar system is so briefly plunged, to experience within himself what is actually occurring within the greater existence of which he is a part, to tranquillize all his thoughts so that personal matters are wholly absent. Just as the sun at dawn illumines the physical world, so the Sun behind the sun, the mystical Light of the World-Mind illumines man's mental world at the same time, penetrates it through and through, provided he is present and passive in consciousness to receive its power. He must thoroughly steep himself in this wonderful mystical stillness wherein Nature is plunged for a few moments.

In the third and last stage of this exercise the student seeks to move with the outspreading or waning light until he embraces the whole planet along with it. For this purpose he has to picture himself as a purely mental disembodied being, as a formless consciousness mentally dissociated from the physical body, whilst at the same time he has to strive to identify himself sympathetically with the life of all beings, whether plant, animal or human. He should make the conception as alive as possible by permeating it with faith and conviction, and holding the sense of countless creatures existing everywhere. Thus he exercises his belief that he is ultimately mind and not matter and also strengthens his perception of the true relation between himself and the cosmic life. In the first case, the same creative faculty of imagination which ties a man to the belief that he is only flesh and nothing more is used to help untie him from it, to help liberate his consciousness from the tyrannical rule of the body-thought. In the second case, the student makes use of the oft-neglected truth of his physical and vital oneness with the universe. He must reverentially hold the thought of being a part of the grand boundless Whole. He must try to realize that his own existence is inter- connected by a beginningless and endless web with all the other existences around him. There must be deep devotion and heartfelt feeling in his thoughts. Even the slightest understanding of the cosmic wonder should rouse the hope and instil the confidence that his little personal life is not without its sublimer significance.

He reaches the goal of this stage when the physical scene vanishes, when he is no longer conscious of it, when attention is turned inward wholly on the beautiful mood or spirit thus invoked, when all form is absent and he feels in complete rapport with the universal being, so complete that he knows he is an integral part of it. When he feels something of this relationship as a loving response-a feeling which may arise within ten to twenty minutes in the case of a moderately experienced meditator-he should cease trying to absorb support from the All, whose soul is the World-Mind, and begin trying to pass it out compassionately and share its grace unselfishly with others. He sees them in his imagination suffused with its warm light and sublime peace. First he directs this effort with his love towards those who are near or dear to him and to any special individuals whom he would like to help in this way. Then he directs it towards mankind in the mass whom he must regard as unconsciously forming one great family. Third, he directs it towards individuals who are hostile to him, who hate, injure or criticize him. He must consider them as his teachers for it is their business to pick out and make him aware of his faults. Consequently, if indirectly, they are his benefactors. If in the process they exaggerate the facts unjustly or falsify them dishonestly, karma will come into appropriate and effective play and bring the needed suffering and purification. It is his business to desire their inner moral growth. He need not send them his love and indeed in the case of those who are obsessed or inspired by evil forces should definitely not do so, but he must send them his pity.

It is quite fitting for the student to close the exercise with a very short silent personal prayer to the Overself, if he wishes to do so. In that case it is best if the dawn exercise is used to ask for strength, light, truth, understanding, inspiration, and material help, whilst the eventide exercise is used to ask for peace, calm, freedom, unselfishness and opportunity to render service. For this meditation is particularly associated with the act of prayer and with the diffusion of grace. It is in effect a humble appeal from man to a higher power, a confession that he knows himself to be weak, erring, ignorant and that he needs its aid in overcoming his weakness, his sinfulness and his ignorance. It is also a cry to have made lighter the heavy karmic burden which he carries and for which he must frankly acknowledge he has no one but himself to blame. Divine forgiveness, guidance, grace and even regeneration are the fruits of this exercise. It is an abasement of the little self before the immensity of the cosmic one, a chastening confession of dependence on a higher being. It is a getting out of his blind littleness, his endless pre-occupation with his own narrow personality and a perception that he belongs to a larger order of being, that he is but a part of the magnificent Whole. It is finally a recognition that the Sun, as the source of Light, as the supreme visible symbol of the World-Mind, is God's heart-centre in this world system as the heart in his body is the Overself's centre in his own little personal system. This meditation occupies an unique place in the hidden teaching. Although traditionally regarded as either a companion exercise or a preliminary and purificatory one to whatever other practices may be followed, it is nevertheless one which the greatest sage will not disdain to follow even after his ultimate attainment, just as a mighty river which has joined the ocean still continues to pour its waters therein. In his case it will be both an expression of humility and an adoration of the Supreme. But in the case of the neophyte, its use is eventually to evoke within him a mysterious grace-giving force which shall by its own inherent intelligence lead him to the exquisite blessedness of the discovery that, despite all appearances to the contrary, he lives environed by a matterless world in which his own destiny is inescapably divine.


Appendix 12

(Man's Life on Earth: Lecture I; 24th April, 1922: London; GA211)

Zarathustra knew - and it was his initiation that enabled him to have the knowledge - that in that place in the heavens whither our eyes are turned when we look at the Sun, lives a great and all-embracing Spirit. He did not at first see the physical Sun at all; in the place in the heavens where we today with our ordinary consciousness see the physical Sun, Zarathustra beheld a great and omnipresent cosmic Spirit. And this cosmic Spirit influenced him in a spiritual way, whereby he was able to know that with the sunshine, with the rays that fall from the Sun upon the Earth, come also spiritual rays, rays of divine-spiritual grace and bounty, which enkindle in the soul and spirit of man that 'higher man' to which the ordinary man in us must continually aspire. . . .

. . . . Chaldea and Egypt. Man still looked up to the Sun, but he no longer saw it as radiant, as sending forth rays; he saw it only as shining, as illuminating the Earth with its light. Men spoke in those times of Ra, whose representative on Earth was Osiris; Ra signified for them the Sun that moved round the Earth, giving light. Some of the secrets had been lost; the initiate was no longer able to see with full inner clarity the radiant cosmic God, as had the initiates of an older time. He could only see how the primal astral forces come from the Sun. Zarathustra saw in the Sun a Being, he was still able to see in the Sun a Being. The initiates of Egypt and o£ Chaldea saw in the Sun the forces that come to, the Earth, - forces of light, forces of movement. What they saw was deeds, - something inferior of Being; spiritual deeds, it is true, but not a spiritual Being. And the Egyptian initiates spoke of One who represents on Earth the forces of the Sun that man carries within him; and they called him Osiris. . . .

There have been then these three stages in the cultural evolution of mankind. First there was the stage when the initiates beheld in the Sun a Divine-Spiritual Being; then came a second stage, when the initiates beheld the Sun's forces that are working there; and finally a third stage, when the initiates beheld only the influence of the Sun Being in the Earth's ether. . . .

Julian the Apostate . . . knew of the teaching; he knew it as a tradition that had come down in the Mystery Schools. And so impressed was Julian the Apostate by this teaching of the three aspects of the Sun that to him that which Christianity brought seemed small in comparison. For he still knew of the inexpressible glory and splendour into which Zarathustra had gazed; he had learned to know also of the activities of fire and of light, of the cosmic chemical forces, and of the cosmic life-forces, as man had been able to behold them in the ancient Mysteries. Of all this he, Julian, could in his time still learn, - although only by tradition. . . .

The great and sublime Sun Being descended from cosmic heights, descended to Earth - that is the event that came to pass in the Mystery of Golgotha. . . .

. . . . Christ was the first of the Upper Gods to learn to know the interior of the Earth. . . .

What stunned and shook Paul to the depths of his being was the knowledge that the Power that had formerly been sought in the Sun had now become united with the powers of Earth.

For what was the reason why Paul, when he was still Saul, persecuted the followers of Christ? The reason was, he had learned in the old Chaldean initiation that the Christ lives outside the Earth in the Cosmos, and that those who declare that Christ lives in the Earth are in error. But when Paul received enlightenment on his way to Damascus, at that moment he knew that it was he himself who had been mistaken, in that he was ready to believe only what had hitherto been true. For now he saw that what had been true, had become changed; the Being Mho dwelt formerly only in the Sun had now descended to Earth and continued to live in the forces of the Earth.

Thus was the Mystery of Golgotha, for the understanding of those who first made it known to men, not an event for Earth alone, but a cosmic event, an event for all the worlds. This was how it was understood in early Christian times. And the true initiates described the event in the following way.

They were deeply initiated, the earliest Christian initiates; and they knew that the Christ, Whom we think of today as the Being Who passed through the Mystery of Golgotha at the beginning of our era, - they knew that the Christ, Who came hither from the Sun, had also descended to the Sun from yet more distant heights. It was in the Sun that Zarathustra beheld Him. Then His power went over into the rays of the Sun. The initiates of Egypt beheld Him in the rays of the Sun. And then His power lived in the environment of the Earth. It was there that the initiates of Greece beheld Him. And now in this present time - so said the earliest Christian initiates - it is given to man to behold Christ as One Who walked on Earth in an earthly body, and Who is seen by us in His true form when we behold Him as the Risen One - the Christ Who is in the Earth, and has seen the Mystery of the Earth and can now bring it about that this Mystery shall gradually flow into the evolution of mankind. . . .

. . . . Paul beheld the Radiance, raying inwards from the clouds, of that force which is the Power of the Sun, the super-corporeal Being, the Christ, Who in the Mystery of Golgotha descended to Earth, - the Cosmic Godhead united with the forces of the Sun. . . .


(Mysteries of the Sun: Lecture I; 24th August, 1918; Dornach; GA183)

. . . . for man before the Mystery of Golgotha . . . . It was particularly natural for him to regard the Sun, for example, quite differently from the way in which the modern physicist regards it - roughly speaking, simply as a kind of glowing ball in universal space. Before the Mystery of Golgotha men knew that the Sun thus spoken of in physics is only one element of the whole Sun, at the basis of which lies what is of the soul and what is of the spirit. And the Spiritual lying at the Sun's basis the wise men of Greece called the universal good of the world, the goodness of the world, the unity, the good seething through the universe. That was to him the spirit of the Sun. . . . With this central good that is of a spiritual nature there was united what was of a soul nature called by the Greeks Helios. Then, third, there came the physical expression of the Good and of Helios, the physical Sun. Thus, where the Sun is, the man of that day saw what was threefold. . . .

Precisely in the same way as the sun is a trinity so also is man. . . .


(Mysteries of the Sun); Lecture III; 26th August, 1918: Dornach; GA183)

. . . . in all the old world-conceptions they spoke of the Sun as being threefold; the same sun that is perceived out there by the physical senses as a shining sphere in cosmic space. But behind this sun the wise men of old saw the soul-sun, according to the Greeks Helios, and behind this soul-Sun again, the spiritual-Sun, still identified by Plato, for example, with the Good. . . .

. . . . as the physical sun shines upon us here between birth and death, there shines into our ego, if I may say so, during the time we pass between death and a new birth, the spiritual sun identified by Plato with the Good. . . .

Where the physical sun is supposed to be there is . . . . not only empty space for there is less than nothing there. . . .

. . . . just as man is able to acquires a consciousness through the reflection caused by the continual pushing of the soul-spiritual against the physical body, he now acquires a consciousness by drawing himself back against the light. This light is that of the Sun, the original light that is the Good. Thus, whereas during his physical life as man of soul and spirit he pushes against what is related to the Sun, namely, against the more than empty holes in the brain, after death when he withdraws himself he pushes against the other Sun, the Good-Sun, the original sun. . . . .


(Cosmic Christianity; Lecture III; "Cosmic Christianity and the Impulse of Michael"; 21st August, 1924; GA240)

Michael who has been striving from the Sun for those on earth who perceive the Spiritual in the cosmos, desires henceforward to establish his citadel in the hearts and in the souls of men on earth. This is to begin in our present age. Christianity is to be guided into a realm of deeper truths inasmuch as understanding of Christ as a Sun Being is to arise within humanity through Michael, the Sun Spirit who has always ruled over the Intelligence, who can now no longer administer it in the cosmos but desires in future time to administer it in and through the hearts of men.


(The Gospel of St. John [Basle]; 22nd November, 1907; Basle; GA100)

The Beings who, at the very beginning of the evolution of the Earth, had already the state of perfection which humanity will only achieve at the end of earthly evolution, have their seat in the Sun. Christ belongs to these Beings as a cosmic-force. His astral body, therefore, was united with the astral body of the Sun at the beginning of our present earthly evolution. He had His seat in the Sun. When the personality of Christ came to the Earth, the astral body of this cosmic force of the Christ Spirit sank down to the Earth at the same time, and ever since the incarnation of Christ on the Earth His astral body has been continually united with the astral body of the Earth. Through the appearance of Christ on Earth the astral body of the Earth has received from the Sun an entirely new substance. If at the time of Christ a Being had looked towards the Earth from another planet, he would have seen the addition of this new substance to the astral body of the Earth in the change of the colour radiating, from the astral body. Through the union of His astral body with that of the Earth, the Sun Spirit Christ became the Spirit of the Earth as well. The Christ is therefore Sun Spirit and at the same time Earth Spirit. From the time when Christ walked the earth He has remained continuously united with the earth; He has become the planetary Spirit of the Earth. The Earth is His body, and He guides the evolution of the Earth. He accomplished this union upon Golgotha, and the Mystery of Golgotha is the symbol of what took place at that time for the evolution of the Earth.


("The Moral as the Source of World-Creative Power"; Lecture: 18th December, 1920: Dornach; GA202)

What was the real aim of Julian the Apostate? - He wished to make clear to the people: 'You are becoming more and more accustomed to look only at the physical sun; but there is a spiritual Sun of which the physical sun is only the mirror-image!' In his own way he wished to communicate the Christ-Secret to the world. But in our age it is desired that the connection of Christ, the spiritual Sun, with the physical sun, shall be kept hidden. That is why certain authorities rage most violently of all when we speak of the Christ Mystery in connection with the Sun Mystery. All kinds of calumnies are then spread abroad. - But Spiritual Science is assuredly a matter of importance in the present age, and those alone who regard it as such view it with the earnestness that is its due.


Appendix 13

(Macrocosm/Microcosm: Lecture 10)

. . . . we are not only referred back to an ancient state of the thinking of the heart when intellectual thinking did not yet exist, but also to something, similar to the higher kind of memory described above, only then it was at a lower level; it was a kind of memory that worked in pictures, just as will be the case at the stage to be reached by mankind in the future. And now we can really form some idea of the nature of a primeval man. He did not think like a man of today, for thinking in ideas and concepts was a faculty acquired much later; he had only the logic of the heart, unillumined by intellectual reasoning or scientific thinking in the modern sense.


Anyone who wants to reach the stage of logic of the heart must have assimilated what can be gained from logic of the intellect, although then, admittedly, it must be forgotten.


We have found that an earlier logic of the heart preceded the logic of the intellect.


The ordinary, unconscious logic of the heart is much more closely related to the present physical heart than is the higher logic of the heart, which is naturally much more spiritual.

But the ordinary logic of the heart actually has a kind of medium of expression in the physical heart, as intellect or reason has in the brain. Whenever man regards a thing as being true, beautiful, good, not through dispassionate, intellectual reflection but by a direct approach, a quickened pulse makes him conscious of the heart's assent. The heart actually beats differently in response to the beautiful than in response to the ugly or pernicious. In this original logic of the heart there is something that may be called spontaneous sympathy. When this logic of the heart which functions in the subconscious becomes more clearly articulate, the heart shows quite plainly by the circulation of the blood that it is an expression of this logic. And a painful experience repeatedly brought before our eyes can influence our bodily nature by way of the heart to the point of causing actual illness. There can be physiological confirmation of this.


(Macrocosm/Microcosm: Lecture 9)

All true presentations of the higher worlds proceed from the thinking of the heart although outwardly they often seem to be purely logical expositions. Whatever is described in Spiritual Science has been experienced with the heart and must be cast into forms of thought intelligible to reasoning people. . . .

. . . . the truths imparted from the higher worlds are tinged with something like the heart's blood. However abstract they may seem to be, however completely they may be cast into forms of thought, they are tinged with the heart's blood, for they are direct experiences of the soul.

. . . . When anyone wants to communicate to other human beings what he has experienced through the thinking of the heart, he too must translate it into logical thoughts. But logical thoughts are merely the language in which, in Spiritual Science, the thinking of the heart is communicated. . . .

. . . . it may equally be the fault of the listener who is incapable of detecting truths behind the thoughts which are like words conveying the findings of the thinking of the heart. . . .

Whatever can be communicated to mankind from the thinking of the heart must be able to be cast into clearly formulated thoughts. If this is not possible it is not ready to be communicated. . . .

. . . . when we hear the deepest truths of the heart stated in words, we must accustom ourselves to perceive behind them the thought- forms and their content. The student of Spiritual Science must acquire this faculty if he desires to help in spreading through mankind whatever can be revealed from the Spirit.


Appendix 14

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Appendix 15

("Social and Anti-Social Forces in the Human Being"; 12th December, 1918; Bern; GA186)

. . . . people on the earth are different - and exactly in this difference dwells an impulse which is the motive force of progress. . . . provision is made for the Consciousness Soul through birth and heredity. This actually comes to expression in the English-speaking people of today. They are organized for the Consciousness Soul through their blood, their birthright, and their inherited faculties. Because the English- speaking peoples have been especially prepared for the cultivation of the Consciousness Soul they are, in a way, representatives of the fifth Post-Atlantean period.

. . . . one cannot simply create identical forms at will all over the globe.

. . . . the British Empire - that which is hidden in the impulses of its people exactly coincided with the inner impulses of the age.

Now, the very capacities connected with the evolution of the Consciousness Soul give the English-speaking peoples a special genius for political life. One can study how the political art of dividing society and creating social structure has spread from England to those countries where things have remained backward . . . . It is only from the English heritage that a foundation for the political thinking of the fifth Post-Atlantean period can come. The English are specially suited to the realm of politics.

. . . . anything that the English-speaking people have to say about the nature of thinking - and you will find the thoughts strongly linked to solid earth-realities.


Appendix 16

"7 in 10 Americans Think Government Is For The Banks And Big Corps (Not The People)"

Past presidents of the United States and other high profile political leaders have repeatedly issued warnings over the last 214 years that the U.S. government is under the control of an "invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people." "There is a ton of disinformation on the internet, much of which is intentionally placed to confuse the public."
(September 13, 2013; by WakingTimes)

And there is a new and unique development in human history that is taking place around the world; it is unprecedented in reach and volume, and it is also the greatest threat to all global power structures: the "global political awakening". The term was coined by Zbigniew Brzezinski, and refers to the fact that, as Brzezinski wrote: "For the first time in history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive. Global activism is generating a surge in the quest for cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world scarred by memories of colonial or imperial domination." (Global Research, June 24, 2010)

(Activist Post: "Reversing The Edward Bernays Effect") America has been plagued by a powerful mind-control tactic which was suggested, experimented with, and fully implemented over a century ago by a man named Edward Bernays. . . . Marketing and public relations are based on lies; all politics and politicians live and die by public relations, lies and carefully timed talking points and sequential messages.

". . . . according to an analysis of recent polling data conducted by Real Clear Politics, approximately 68 percent of all Americans believe that the country is on the wrong track and only 23.5 percent of all Americans believe that the country is on the right track."

"There is a ton of disinformation on the internet, much of which is intentionally placed to confuse the public." (September 13, 2013; by WakingTimes)

-- One can see some propitious socio-political developments in the USA. For instance, the "animal rights" movement has come into existence, along with a growth in veganism. And in politics, there are the "Occupy" and "Tea Party" movements. The Powers That Be attempt to co-opt such movements, but the people in them at least are aware that something is drastically wrong with the current "power structure". These people might not have adequate ideas for solutions, but at least they see that there is a real problem.

-- Again, one can google around and find more in this vein.


Appendix 17

"There is a ton of disinformation on the internet, much of which is intentionally placed to confuse the public."
(September 13, 2013; by WakingTimes)

Brzezinski wrote: "For the first time in history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive. Global activism is generating a surge in the quest for cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world scarred by memories of colonial or imperial domination."

Activist Post: Reversing The Edward Bernays Effect

"The Nebraskan populist and frequent Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan said of the plan: 'Big financiers are back of the Aldrich currency scheme.' He asserted that if it passed, big bankers would 'then be in complete control of everything through the control of our national finances.'"

"The group almost succeeded in killing the bill, but were mollified by Wilson's promises to propose antitrust legislation after the bill had passed, and by Bryan's support of the bill."

"In order to get the Federal Reserve Act passed, Wilson needed the support of populist William Jennings Bryan, who was credited with ensuring Wilson's nomination by dramatically throwing his support Wilson's way at the 1912 Democratic convention.[11] Wilson appointed Bryan as his Secretary of State.[10] Bryan served as leader of the agrarian wing of the party and had argued for unlimited coinage of silver in his "Cross of Gold Speech" at the 1896 Democratic convention.[20] Bryan and the agrarians wanted a government-owned central bank which could print paper money whenever Congress wanted, and thought the plan gave bankers too much power to print the government's currency. Wilson sought the advice of prominent lawyer Louis Brandeis to make the plan more amenable to the agrarian wing of the party; Brandeis agreed with Bryan. Wilson convinced them that because Federal Reserve notes were obligations of the government and because the president would appoint the members of the Federal Reserve Board, the plan fit their demands.[11] However, Bryan soon became disillusioned with the system. In the November 1923 issue of 'Hearst's Magazine' Bryan wrote that 'The Federal Reserve Bank that should have been the farmer's greatest protection has become his greatest foe.'

"Large bankers thought the legislation gave the government too much control over markets and private business dealings. The New York Times called the Act the 'Oklahoma idea, the Nebraska idea'-referring to Owen and Bryan's involvement.

"However, several Congressmen, including Owen, Lindbergh, LaFollette, and Murdock claimed that the New York bankers feigned their disapproval of the bill in hopes of inducing Congress to pass it."

"The bankers ploy worked and McKinley beat Bryan by a small margin. Bryant ran for president again in 1900 and again in 1908, falling short each time. During the 1912 Democratic convention Bryan was a powerful figure who would help Woodrow Wilson win the nomination. When Wilson became president, he appointed Bryan as secretary of state, but Bryan soon became disenchanted with the Wilson administration. Bryan served only two years in the Wilson administration before resigning in 1915, over the highly suspicious sinking of the Lusitania, which was the event to drive America into World War One. Although William Jennings Bryan never gained the presidency, his efforts delayed the money changers for 17 years, from obtaining their next goal, a new privately owned central bank for America."

"The Jacksonians became the greenbackers, who became the hardcore backers of William Jennings Bryan. With Bryan leading the charge, the opponents of the money changers, ignorant of Baruch's tutelage now threw themselves behind the democratic representative Woodrow Wilson. The Americans and Bryan would soon be betrayed.

"XX!. The Federal Reserve Act Of 1913: Revisited

"During the democratic campaign the supporters of Woodrow Wilson pretended to oppose the Aldrich Bill."


Appendix 18

"Feeling must give the impulse for the verification of thought. What must feeling become if it is to provide an impulse not only for thinking in general, but for thinking about worlds with which we are at first unacquainted and cannot survey?"

". . . . it must be possible for human beings to come to love the unknown supersensible before they are able to conceive it in terms of thought."

". . . . reverence becomes the educator of the Consciousness Soul."

". . . . reverence is to flow from the Ego towards the object of which knowledge is sought."

". . . . the Ego is drawn gradually into the Consciousness Soul by the influence of reverence."

"To a child the world is largely unknown: if we are to guide him towards knowledge and sound judgment of it, the best way is to awaken in him a feeling of reverence towards it . . . ."

". . . . hands which have learnt to fold themselves in reverence have received a new force and are powerfully penetrated by the Ego. For the path taken by this force leads first through the heart, where it kindles love . . . ."

"Reverence must take hold of every soul that is to make progress in its development."

(Metamorphoses of the Soul; Paths of Experience; Vol. 1; LECTURE 4; "The Mission of Reverence [Andacht]"; Berlin, 28th October, 1909)

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