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So much human misery is so unnecessary. After the basic physical needs are met, there are emotional needs. And sungazing is a simple, easy way to feed those needs. How? Just look at the Sun, starting slowly and working up gradually. It's as simple as that. Deep down, everyone already knows that the Sun is good for you, but few put this knowledge into practice in a regular, realistic way. I'm not talking about “getting a tan“; I'm talking about getting the mild warmth of the Sun into the emotions. – Some characteristics of sungazing:

  • Improves emotional health, maybe even physical health
    • It feels so good emotionally; it heals painful emotions; it lifts the spirits.
    • The emotional healing works into the physical; the psychosomatic is real.
  • Costs nothing
    • Sunlight is free; no one can put it in a bottle and sell it.
  • Available to (almost) anyone
    • Anyone with normal or semi-normal eyes; maybe even some who are “blind“; only possible restrictions for some eyes diseases.
  • Easy (for most people)
    • It's a simple idea, and simple to practice.
    • Just get a view of the Sun, preferably near the horizon. (If the Sun is high, looking through closed eyelids works somewhat.)
    • Get outdoors if possible, but looking through a window works well enough.
    • The only physical difficulty is getting a clear view of the Sun.
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I'm not asking anyone to take my word for anything. I'm just trying to give people information so that they might do it. Then, they'll find out for themselves, from experience. And then, whatever I say won't matter much.

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