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This foundation exists mainly for the purpose of educating the general public about the practice of "sungazing".

Getting sunlight into the eyes is beneficial for the health, much more so than most people know. It is beneficial not only for the physical health, but also for emotional health. Indeed, the emotional benefits might be most noticeable at first. People do want to feel good, witness the vast amounts of money spent on psycho-active drugs, mainly for the purpose of feeling good.

But the intake of sunlight into the eyes is a very effective way of feeling good, both physically and emotionally. More, it is cheap, and it has no bad side-effects. (Essentially, there is but one reason that people take "recreational" drugs: they want to feel good, better than they feel ordinarily.

In some cases, "physical addiction" might start as a treatment for physical pain and only then become an addiction; in such cases the desire to "feel good" could be only the desire to avoid the pain of withdrawl sickness. Usually, however, drug use is an attempt to avoid the pain of an unhappy life. Sungazing might be a big step on the way to a happier life. It might even help alleviate withdrawl sickness; "clinical trials" (done humanely) are needed.

Most people seem to know instinctively that the Sun is good in many ways. Witness the widespread practice of "sunbathing" and "getting a tan". But most sunbathers do not get the full benefit of the Sun; even people who work in the sunshine all day (such as farmers, fishermen, and roofers) don't really experience the Sun. This program is to propose that many more people put this instinctive knowledge into effective practice.

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And this program is especially necessary now, due to the sad fact that we, in the "advanced world" are being systematically poisoned, in body, soul, and mind. We are being poisoned in many ways: culturally, of course, but also physically, sometimes crudely, and sometimes more subtly. The cultural poison is perhaps the most obvious; everywhere we turn, the "message" we get is degrading and demoralizing. The physical poisoning is somewhat less obvious; it's in our food, our water, and in our air. Still more subtle is the electromagnetic poisoning, which has moved from mere radio waves and the ubiquitous 60 cycle hum to microwaves, especially from cell phones and Wi-Fi.

Much has already been written about all this, and my point here is not to prove it, but to note these facts, and the need for countermeasures -- and to propose a ready, simple, cheap, and available countermeasure: the Sun. I believe it could provide the perfect antidote to the many and various kinds of poisoning that are inflicted on the public. The Sun is an antidote to poisons that are physical and mental, even spiritual. Most of the poisons are expensive and ubiquitous; the Sun is even more ubiquitous, and cheap. Many of the poisons are addictive; sungazing could become habitual, if people could only know how good it feels.

The first point that is that it is more beneficial to get sunlight into the eyes than onto the skin. (Though sunlight in moderation on the skin is indeed very healthful.) The fact is that the eyes can take in more sunlight than is generally supposed. (Many people believe that looking directly at the Sun will make one go blind, but this is not at all true, if one goes about it in the right way.) The ancient "Mystery schools" knew this fact and put it into practice, for many reasons. This truth was rediscovered, in an "exoteric" way, in modern times by the ophthamologist William H Bates, who advocated "sunning" the eyes for their health and for improved vision. (See, for instance
Bates Method International and
Bates was right! Research Confirms Sunning is beneficial!).

This procedure was expanded and brought to the public again by Hira Ratan Manek of the "Solar Healing Center" (see Solar Heating Center). He advocates gazing at the rising Sun and walking barefoot in the dirt. However, most people cannot regularly get a view of the rising Sun nor walk in the dirt, in most circumstances. But the method can be adapted, to much benefit, to more usual circumstances that fit more people.

(I am speaking now of eyes that are normal, or fairly close to normal. I don't know about what might happen to eyes that have serious diseases; I have not investigated such. I would suggest caution for those who might have serious eye diseases. My prejudice would be that sunlight is good for the eyes under most any circumstances, but again, I would suggest caution. I would suggest consulting a competent professional eye physician. But the problem is that many eye physicians do not have the right appreciation of the benefits of sunlight for the health of the eyes; this is just not in their education. One might have to search around to find an opthamalogist who does have such an appreciation. Again: I am not an ophthamologist, and I haven't experimented on anyone but myself. So I can't make broad generalizations that cover everyone's circumstances of health.)

The practice proves itself by experience, more than "proof" by arguments could. It is indeed more important to get sunlight into the eyes than onto the skin, and if one does this, regularly, one will find out from one's own experience.

The first requirement is to gaze at the Sun daily, or as close to daily as practicable. One needs to get rid of the prejudice that direct sunlight is harmful to the eyes, though it is not suggested here that one try to take in more sunlight than is comfortable. (This practice is supposed to feel good. If it doesn't feel good, I would suggest stopping immediately; something is wrong.) The Sun is gentle when it is low to the horizon and when it is veiled by sufficently heavy clouds, and gazing at it then is comfortable, if one starts slowly. Most people will find, if the practice becomes a habit, that the eyes can take in more light comfortably than one would have thought possible.

One should first remove any "corrective lenses". Then, if one can get a view of the Sun at the horizon, gazing directly at the Sun (for a few seconds to begin with) is comfortable. In general: the closer the Sun is to the horizon, the better. But some people can get a view of the Sun only when it is high and bright; in such cases this writer would not recommend gazing directly at the Sun but rather looking through closed eyelids.

(Of course, it is natural that one wouldn't want to spend much time in the direct sunlight in hot weather, and I am not recommending that. I am recommending the light of the Sun rather than its excessive heat. I would expect people to restrict their sungazing in hot weather to times when the Sun is low to the horizon.)

If one gazes at the Sun daily, the time of gazing that is comfortable will gradually increase -- say, to ten, twenty, or thirty minutes (or more), through closed eyelids when the Sun is high, or with open eyes when the Sun is gentle. By then one will have noticed that something powerful is happening. One will find that (for want of a better term) "life energy" is surging through the body. If one relaxes, perhaps reclining, while letting sunlight into the eyes, the body feels it: not merely warmth (though that can be very nice in cool weather) but also life energy. One might smile involuntarily; the face may yawn; the breathing gets slower and deeper; the fingers and toes may spread; the body may tense and release in pulsating rhythm. Above all, it all feels good, and it is healthful. (Care should be taken not to fall asleep in the direct sunlight; else one might get an hellacious sunburn.) Trouble is, most or many people don't even know when the body really feels good -- in a healthy way. Some know only the satisfaction of their unclean, unhealthy desires. But through the Sun, people can come to know what is a good, healthful feeling -- from experience.

One might even have an "orgasm reflex": the body involuntarily flexes inward and forward. After a while, staying still might be impossible, even if one wanted to try. (The term orgasm reflex comes from Wilhelm Reich. In this case, there is no "orgasm" due to sexual excitation in the ordinary sense; the reflex is due simply to the surging of life energy through the body.) One might find oneself laughing out loud. When the eyes get used to the bright light, anyone with normal eyesight, or even semi-normal, will almost surely see "dancing dots" and bright streaks in the sky (away from the Sun). -- (Again, a discovery of Wilhelm Reich: he said that such observations are indicative of atmospheric "orgone" energy, another term for "life energy".)

(Despite the chem-clouds, the goodness of the Sun comes through. Though if the smog is very heavy, one might be frustrated; see, for instance
Beijing Citizens, Shrouded In Pollution, Flock To Giant Screens To View Artificial Sunrise.
Happily, as far as I know, we haven't [in the USA] come to that point yet. Even through a haze the Sun feels good.)

Possibly, some people might initially experience a little distress, depending upon one's "character structure". Again using a Reichian term: armor refers to areas of the body that are hardened and infested with stale "life energy". Since most people are more-or-less "armored", some distress at the beginning of Sun-gazing might be fairly common. Perhaps one might initially feel surprise and fear at this surging and flexing. If one is heavily "armored", one might even feel panic and rage. I recommend here that one hold on to the conviction that sunlight is natural, healthful, and righteous -- that one try not to give in to panic. If one experiences serious distress, then probably one is in serious need of competent psychotherapy. But competent therapists are hard to find. -- In most people any initial discomfort should pass with persistence, when one finds from experience how wholesomely good sunlight really feels when coursing through the body. (Over time, as one gets used to the practice, the physical effects will likely become less pronounced, at least in a grossly noticable way. Even so, the benefits, in all ways, should persist.)

But moderation is the key; after one gets past any prejudices and early fears, if sungazing doesn't feel good, in all ways, it is probably harmful. The differences in social circumstances, latitude, altitude, climate, skin type, etc. -- are too great for the promulgation of exact rules for general application. Likely the most general rules would be: start slowly and work up gradually; do only what feels good in a healthy way; use common sense. For instance: if the weather is chilly, one can bundle up; if it is seriously cold, then one can exercise common sense. If the sky is cloudy, then that might be an advantage in some circumstances; one can look where the Sun is, behind the clouds if they are heavy; if the clouds are lighter, one can gaze directly at the Sun-orb and see it with open eyes. (Even on a heavily overcast day, the sky is still full of light. One need only relax, unfocus, and let the light in. Under such circumstances, one might easily see the "orgone" in the sky.) If it is raining, then one can try to stay dry. -- Another for-instance: those with very fair skin might get burned even by the mild Sun; so, in that case, one might limit one's time to keep the face from getting sunburned. (One could, if necessary, make a crude mask with only eyeholes.) In rare cases, some skin disease might make any exposure of the skin to sunlight unhealthful; in such cases it is not suggested here that one do anything that would harm one's health.

And in some circumstances, it might be unsafe even to go outdoors and let one's guard down. I would suggest that one should always be aware of one's surroundings and take any precautions that are prudent. Again, the watchword is common sense; one probably will always have to adapt the practice to one's circumstances, and one might need to be inventive. But even gazing at the Sun through a window would be better than not doing the exercise at all. Most windows do not pass the full spectrum, but that's still better than nothing. And even if one can see only indirect sunlight, it is still sunlight; the "trick" is to not look at any particular objects, but to assimilate the light itself, consciously. After some practice, one might come to feel the goodness in the light itself, without gazing directly at the Sun. -- And so on.

Actually, no one ever really sees light, only things that light illuminates. But one can indeed take in the light itself, and if one learns this "trick", then one is well on the way to reaping the healthful rewards of sungazing. (Even some who are counted as blind might derive much benefit. There are many degrees of "blindness"; even some who can't discern objects can nevertheless sense light.)

These rewards are physical, emotional, and mental. Some sicknesses might become much improved, or even might disappear, as if by magic. With time, the appetites might be reduced and purified. The physical passes into the emotional. Eventually, one gets to the point while sungazing that one has no anger or any negative emotions; when the Sun permeates the "heart", such emotions are impossible. One doesn't have anything against anyone in the world; one wishes only that everyone and everything could be at least as happy as oneself is at the moment. One "loves" everybody and everything; one loves Life itself. One might feel oneself as if floating in warm, liquid Love. The Sun is that good, if one gives it a chance. -- And eventually, hopefully, such good feelings will come to permeate more and more of one's life when one is not directly in the act of sungazing.

For the Sun is not just a source of light and heat. As was known in ancient times, the Sun is the source of life energy, the essential Giver Of Life in the earthly world, and also the soul-center of this world -- the big, cosmic feeling-heart, that activates the feeling heart in the microcosm, in the individual Man. -- Even without this knowledge, one can experience the consequences for oneself: reaching from the body into the emotions, and even into the "mind".

Yes, the emotional shades into the mental. One learns from experience what Truth feels like: it feels good, like the Sun. One thereby gains a feeling-touchstone for truth: even though one's thinking may be shaky in itself, now one has a rough criterion of Truth, in the feeling that true thinking brings. Deeper Truths of course bring deeper feelings, but the touchstone can be applied even in ordinary matters, if one is sensitive enough. The feeling of Truth might be more subtle than the feeling from direct sunlight, but it is the same in essence.

With the practice of regular sungazing, there arises in the practitioner a natural feeling of reverence. One naturally feels a gratitude for the goodness and life that are being given. This is a natural awakening of reverence. It is a emotion that comes as a inherent consequence of the good feeling that comes from the Sun; one feels joy, and one spontaneously feels gratitude toward the source of that joy. Such reverence is not a sickly feeling of obligation toward a greater power, but a healthy feeling that flows from gratitude for happiness. And this healthy reverence toward the Sun can be effortlessly extended to a reverence for Truth itself. For the feeling is essentially the same; and Truth is a "Sun" in the realm of meanings and thoughts. Through the simple practice of sungazing people could come to know what Truth feels like and be able to make a "sentient judgement" (Rudolf Steiner's phrase), from the heart. -- More, from a reverence for Truth, and a feeling for it, come a faculty of enhanced discernment. If a great mass of people would become more discerning, a virtual revolution in socio-political affairs would follow. If people would get to know what Truth feels like, then they would feel reverence for Truth, and hopefully they could not be readily deceived? -- The sad fact is that we live under a political regime of mass mind-control; I hope that the mass practice of sungazing might so awaken people that they would have the will to find Truth independently, and thus the regime of mass mind-control would fail.

After a while, from living experience, it becomes evident that sungazing has not only healthful organic and emotional effects, but also "spiritual" ones. For the experience of true thoughts is the most direct encounter that we usually have with the "spirit". It was well known in ancient times -- in the "Mysteries" most profoundly, as well as in exoteric "Sun worship" -- that the Sun is the habitation of exalted spiritual beings. (This knowledge was put into practice, for instance, in ancient Egypt.
See the "Meditation on the Sun" in Paul Brunton's The Wisdom of the Overself).

The ancient Mysteries knew of the "Threefold Sun", in its physical, soul, and spiritual aspects. Much has changed in the constitution of Man and in the spiritual cosmos since ancient times, but the Sun is still the locus of high spiritual beings.) This knowledge was lost in (most, Western) exoteric culture for many centuries, but it has been confirmed by modern "spiritual science". (Spiritual science is a term that was given a special meaning by Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian writer and teacher of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. After the turn of the 20th Century, he gave publicly much "intiation knowledge" that was fromerly kept secret, "occult", or "esoteric".)

For more on this theme, see the Appendix (below)

This modern spiritual knowledge substantiates that the Being known as the Christ was, and is, the highest spirit of the Sun. (Since the Crucifixion the Christ has been the spirit of the Earth, but He is still also the spirit of the Sun.) Christ is The Healer; this is the reason that sungazing is so healing for the body, soul, and spirit.

But one need not "believe" in Christ (by that Name, with the usual concepts) to gain benefits from sungazing; the energy is so powerful and palpable that it is effective regardless of unbelief. All that is necessary is a little "openness", that one give the exercise a fair chance. (Though positive belief might well enhance the effect.)

Nevertheless, if given a fair chance, the experience is powerful and undeniable. People might argue about theories and theology, but it's very hard to argue with the Sun, once one has had the experience. The experience is simply so manifestly good that it could even become "addictive"; people might have a hard time tearing themselves away from it to get other things done. People seem to know instinctively that the Sun is truly, purely good, beyond what it is as a bringer of warmth and light. As the popular songs say:

"Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
And I say it's all right..."

"If I had a wish that I could wish for you
I'd make a wish for sunshine all the while...
"Sunshine almost always makes me high
Sunshine almost all the time makes me high..."


"I'm gonna soak up the sun
Gonna tell everyone
To lighten up"

These are only a few examples from many possible. Popular songs do grasp the mass subconscious in some way; that is how they become popular. In this case, they (at least) touch the semi-conscious knowledge of the public that the Sun is just plain good.

Thus the contemplation and experience of the Sun leads to higher realms of wisdom. But the application can be as simple as anyone might wish -- or as complicated, or both. (It can lead to realms as intellectually challenging as anyone could wish. With practice, it will be found that true Thinking in itself is a kind of interior "intelectual Sun". The human being is capable of great forward evolution, most so than most people know. Sungazing is a simple and direct way of helping one's forward development; if one wishes to go farther and expend more effort, the possibilities are almost unlimited. The practice of objective, impersonal thinking (as in mathematics, but not limited to numbers and so on), in which one regards oneself as if an external entity, can give one a palpable feeling of joy and happiness, without even the physical Sun. In the literature of modern "spiritual science" one can find instructions for further practices of self-development. And one can find the kind of information that one needs in order to live a healthy, satisfying life, perhaps even in difficult circumstances. In modern self-development in the spiritual sense, thinking is the key.

Sungazing itself is very simple and direct, and very effective in a good way. One might have the prejudice that anything so powerfully healthful must be very "high tech" and expensive. But experience proves that this is not so; the Sun is readily available and cheap -- and health-giving, in all ways. This procedure is powerful, simple, and elemental enough that it could counteract the mass deadening to which modern Man is subjected, and would not require a lot of thinking. Most people already know all this unconsciously, instinctively; all that is needed for this knowledge to be put into practice is that people make a little effort to change their habits in order to take up the practice of sungazing for health. Most people can get a view of the Sun at some time, regularly. Even is the Sun is seen only through a window, good results follow, with time.

It is said, truly, that the eyes are windows of the soul. Following the metaphor, we need to consider that windows work in both directions. The soul might shine out through the eyes, but also soul-balm can shine into the soul through the eyes. Such balm comes into the soul, the "heart", through the eyes, from the Sun, the big heart-center of our corner of the cosmos.


The Sun treatment is only that: a treatment, not a cure for everything. It doesn't mean that one will never have to go through painful feelings. If one has painful feelings, it is better to be factual even about those; to experience what is there to be experienced. Thereby, one finds that the painful feelings don't kill one, that they are not really unbearable; only the fear tells us that we can't bear it. Experiencing, suffering (in the original meaning), without avoidance, deepens the soul, makes one even more reverent. Painful feelings are a gift from the Gods.)

I originally came upon this concept of sungazing while considering a political problem, which I saw as depending upon a problem of consciousness. My original consideration are recorded here:
Still Yet Another Attempt at 7fold Thinking

Here are some remarks from lectures by Rudolf Steiner.
It should be noted that the transcripts of these lecture are not perfect.
(Unless otherwise noted, English translations are from the eLib.com.)

(Mysteries of the Sun; Lecture III; 26th August, 1918: Dornach; GA183
[GA refers to the official edition of Steiner's collected works, including the lectures.]):

"...in all the old world-conceptions they spoke of the Sun as being threefold; the same sun that is perceived out there by the physical senses as a shining sphere in cosmic space. But behind this sun the wise men of old saw the soul-sun, according to the Greeks Helios, and behind this soul-Sun again, the spiritual-Sun, still identified by Plato, for example, with the Good. . . . " [Soul and spirit are not exact equivalents of the German terms that Steiner used. For an explanation of Steiner's meaning, see his book Theosophy.]

"...as the physical sun shines upon us here between birth and death, there shines into our ego [-- a Latinized translation of the German das Ich,literally the 'I'. There is no direct English equivalent; it means the spiritual individuality, the true self.] if I may say so, during the time we pass between death and a new birth, the spiritual sun identified by Plato with the Good. . . . "


(Mysteries of the Sun: Lecture I; 24th August, 1918; Dornach; GA183) :

"...for man before the Mystery of Golgotha . . . . It was particularly natural for him to regard the Sun, for example, quite differently from the way in which the modern physicist regards it - roughly speaking, simply as a kind of glowing ball in universal space. Before the Mystery of Golgotha men knew that the Sun thus spoken of in physics is only one element of the whole Sun, at the basis of which lies what is of the soul and what is of the spirit. And the Spiritual lying at the Sun's basis the wise men of Greece called the universal good of the world, the goodness of the world, the unity, the good seething through the universe. That was to him the spirit of the Sun. . . . With this central good that is of a spiritual nature there was united what was of a soul nature called by the Greeks Helios. Then, third, there came the physical expression of the Good and of Helios, the physical Sun. Thus, where the Sun is, the man of that day saw what was threefold. . . ."

"Precisely in the same way as the sun is a trinity so also is man. . . ."


(GA 140 - Stuttgart, 17th February 1913): [Translation by Jean-Marc Nguyen]

"When we enter the Sun-sphere between death and a new birth, what we find there is two-fold. First we find something which we can only express figuratively: we find a vacant throne, a vacant world- throne[einen leeren Weltenthron]. And what we could be looking for on thisvacant world-throne, we can only find in the pictures of the Akasha- Chronicle. On this throne, that we find empty when we live through the period between death and a new birth, in the Sun-sphere once sat the Christ. He diffused Himself into the Earth-sphere [Er hat sich verbreitet bis in die Erdensphäre hinein] through the Mystery of Golgotha, and since then, the inhabitants here on Earth must be able to acquire an understanding of this Impulse of Christ, and keep this Impulse in memory: in that case, they are able to discern the picture which appears in the Akasha-Chronicle, when they go through this Sun-sphere. Whoever did not acquire this understanding here on Earth, does not discern Who once sat on this throne and is only there now as an image, and does not find his bearings in the Sun-sphere during life between death and a new birth."
"But we also find a second thing in the Sun-sphere, a second throne, and it is now occupied by a real Being, by Lucifer."


(But in a real sense, the Christ is still the Spirit of the Sun. [-- RM] Steiner says:)

"The high beings who gave the ego have their seat on the sun; they give us what goes from incarnation to incarnation."

"We receive the forces that strengthen our ego from the sun, and we shouldn't just stare at the sun but should let these ideas arise in us: You marvellous [sic] world body, it was through you, through your sun-grace forces that I received my ego and all the forces that are connected with it. I thank you in shy reverence."


("Love and Its Meaning in the World"; Zurich; 17th December, 1912; GA 143) : "Occultism says: Love is for the world what the sun is for external life. No soul could thrive if love departed from the world. Love is the 'moral' sun of the world. . . . Let us therefore long for and love the sun with its creative power, its love for the well-being of the earth and the souls of men!"


(Origin and Goal of the Human Being; Lecture I; "What Does the Human Being Find in Theosophy?"; Berlin; 29th September, 1904 [Steiner means theosophy in the generic sense.]):

"As the physical sprout is got out by the sun to the sun, the blossoming and prospering human plant will be got out by a spiritual solar force, which theosophy wants to mediate and to teach the human beings. It will lead him to the marvellous and immense spiritual sun which one needs not only to express, but also to recognise and to understand. This is the spiritual sun which lives outside in the spiritual world which lives, however, inside the human being, too."


(Gospel of John: Lecture III: "The Mission of the Earth"; Hamburg; 20th May, 1908):

"In its purest form, this external physical body of the Logos appears especially in the outer sunlight. But the sunlight is not merely material light. To spiritual perception, it is just as much the vesture of the Logos, as your outer physical body is the vesture of your soul.

"In the sunlight something spiritual streams down upon the Earth. If we are able to conceive not only the sun-body, but also the sun-spirit, we find that this spiritual part is the love that streams down upon the Earth. Not alone the physical sunlight awakens the plants into life — they would wither and die if the physical sunlight did not act upon them — but together with the physical sunlight, the warm love of the Godhead streams to earth."


(Origin and Goal of the Human Being; Lecture I; "What Does the Human Being Find in Theosophy?"; Berlin; 29th September, 1904):

"As the physical sprout is got out by the sun to the sun, the blossoming and prospering human plant will be got out by a spiritual solar force, which theosophy wants to mediate and to teach the human beings. It will lead him to the marvellous and immense spiritual sun which one needs not only to express, but also to recognise and to understand. This is the spiritual sun which lives outside in the spiritual world which lives, however, inside the human being, too."

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